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ALMA Telescope passes major milestone with successful antenna link

The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), an immense international telescope project under construction in northern Chile, reached a major milestone on April 30, when two ALMA antennas were linked together as an integrated system to observe an astronomical object for the first time.

The milestone achievement, technically
cheap ray bans termed "First Fringes," came at ALMA Operations Support Facility, 2900 metres above sea level.

"This is another important step forward for ALMA as it proves that the various hardware components can work well together. The efforts of all the staff involved in this first antenna integration show the strength of our global collaboration and give much confidence that we can get to full operations with ALMA as one great astronomical observatory," says Thijs de Graauw, ALMA Director.

Faint radio waves emitted by the planet Mars were collected by the two 12 metre diameter ALMA antennas, then processed by state of the art electronics to turn the two antennas into a single, high resolution telescope system, called an interferometer.

Such pairs of antennas are the basic building blocks of imaging systems that enable radio telescopes to deliver pictures that approach or even exceed the resolving power of visible light telescopes. In such a system, each antenna is combined electronically with every other antenna to form a multitude of antenna pairs. Each pair contributes unique information that is used to build a highly detailed image of the astronomical object under observation.

When completed in early in the next decade, ALMA 66 antennas will provide over a thousand such antenna pairings, with distances between antennas exceeding sixteen kilometres. This will enable ALMA to see with a sharpness surpassing that of the best space telescopes. The antennas will operate at an altitude of 5000 metres, high above the OSF, in one of the best locations on Earth for millimetre wavelength astronomy, the Chajnantor Plateau in Chile Atacama Desert.

Last week successful Mars observation was conducted at an observing frequency of 104.2 GHz. Astronomers measured the distinctive varying detected by the interferometer as the planet moved across the sky.

"This can only be achieved with the perfect synchronisation of the antennas and the electronic equipment: a precision much better than one millionth of a millionth of a second between equipment located many kilometres apart. The extreme environment where the ALMA observatory is located, with its strong winds, high altitude, and wide range of temperatures, just adds to the complexity of the observatory and to the fascinating engineering challenges we face", comments Richard
cheap ray bans Murowinski, ALMA Project Engineer.

ALMA will provide astronomers with the world’s most advanced tool for exploring the Universe at millimetre and submillimetre wavelengths. It will detect fainter objects and be able to produce much higher quality images at these wavelengths than any previous telescope system. Scientists are eager to use this transformational capability to study stars and galaxies that formed in the early Universe, to learn long sought details about how stars are born, and to trace the motion of gas and dust as it whirls toward the surface of newly formed stars and planets.

are on target to do the first interferometry tests at the 5000 metre high altitude site by the end of this year, and by the end of 2011 we plan to have at least 16 antennas working together as a single giant telescope, says Thijs de Graauw.

The ALMA Project is a partnership between the scientific communities of East Asia, Europe and North America with Chile.

This graph shows a plot of a single channel of the correlator output as a function of time, when observing Mars.

ALMA is a revolutionary astronomical telescope, comprising an array of 66 giant 12

metre and 7 metre
replica ray bans diameter antennas observing at millimetre and submillimetre wavelengths. ALMA, which will start scientific observations in 2011, is the most powerful telescope for observing the cool Universe molecular gas and dust as well as the relic radiation of the Big Bang. ALMA will study the building blocks of stars, planetary systems, galaxies and life itself, and will address some of the deepest questions of our cosmic origins.

ALMA will operate at wavelengths of 0.3 to 9.6 mm. At these wavelengths, a high, dry site is needed for the telescope to be able to see through the Earth’s atmosphere. This is why ALMA is being built on the breathtaking 5000 metre high plateau of Chajnantor in the Atacama region of Chile, the highest
cheap ray ban outlet astronomy site in the world. ALMA will offer unprecedented sensitivity and resolution. The 12 metre antennas will have reconfigurable baselines ranging from 15 m to 16 km. ALMA will have a resolution ten times better than the Hubble Space Telescope.Articles Connexes:

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What a difference a year makes

APA style: What a difference a
cheap Michael Kors outlet year makes. (2014). Consumer sentiment is bad,

housing is still a mess and Wall Street is gyrating violently every dayand then there’s
cheap Michael Kors that spill in the Gulf that needs to be

cleaned up and who
cheap Michael Kors knows how much that will cost or who exactly is going

to pay for it.

There’s no question that there are still plenty of questions

to be answered, but when taking a look at company performances during

the past 12 months for this edition of The Top 50 it’s clear that

the worst is over. By the fourth quarter of 2009, nearly every company

on our list
cheap michael kors reported that sales were expanding again. The good times

continued into the new year, as most companies recorded a big jump inIt may be anecdotal evidence, but nearly
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executive I’ve
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of 2010 reported that sales were up and, perhaps more importantly,
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customers were upbeat about the future. companies in the global

household and personal care industries. It’s a good gauge of where

we’ve been and in many instances, where we’re headed.

For more than 30 years, Procter Gamble has topped our list

and, despite the worst economic slowdown in nearly 80 years, P remains on top of our newest version of The Top 50.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Corey Potter ready to jump into lineup for Calgary Flames

To an outsider, it sounds like the greatest gig in the world.

Collect a NHL paycheque but don risk sustaining injuries suffered while suiting up for games.

Corey Potter has lived that
fake Michael Kors life for most of the last 21/2 months at the big league level and for more than half the season if you count the time he spent recovering from off season shoulder surgery and he be the first to say there no joy being a healthy scratch night after night.

After all, he a professional hockey player, not a professional popcorn eater.

definitely want to play Potter said after going through the paces during an optional skate Thursday at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. definitely not fun
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet sitting out. The goal is to be in the lineup every night and be
fake Michael Kors playing and further your career. I played some games and hadn had that opportunity this year (in the NHL), so if I get that chance, it a good chance for me.

Captain Mark Giordano left the game late in Wednesday 3 1 win over the New Jersey Devils, and it not known whether the club leader and top pairing blueliner will suit up against the Islanders due to an undisclosed injury.

That could mean Potter plays a NHL game for the first time since a playoff clash for the Boston Bruins last April.

he plays, Potter said. don know what the story is. I don know what the doctors are saying. But he our leader, and hopefully, he good to go. They haven told me
cheap Michael Kors anything yet. assured, Potter, the 6 foot 3, 205 lb., 31 year old defenceman added via free agency last summer will be ready to take a turn in the lineup, even if it just in case.

been waiting for a while to get an opportunity to play, so if he not ready to go, that what I here for, said the defenceman who played for both the Edmonton Oilers and the Bruins
cheap Michael Kors last season. here just in case somebody goes down, and I be looking forward to getting out there if I do. starting the season on the sidelines due to his shoulder injury, Potter campaign
fake Michael Kors began with the AHL Adirondack Flames.

Since mid December, Potter been summoned from the minors on three occasions the latest on Feb. 4 and he been a healthy scratch for 19 NHL games.

Admittedly, he have some rust to chip off when he suits up for a tilt, but Potter has been through this before during his career in which he played 123 games and collected eight goals, 32 points and 53 penalty minutes. Plus, he has suited up for 25 AHL games this season during his minor league stints.

might take me a couple shifts to get into the game, but after those first couple of shifts are over, it just like any other game you been playing, Potter said. get into the rhythm, and I think I feel good eventually. nobody would expect Potter to replace all that Giordano does he leads all NHL defencemen with points, plays an average 25 minutes per game in all situations and is the undisputed leader but Potter is wise enough to know that not expected of him.

I not trying to replace him, Potter added. tough shoes to fill. He a relentless worker and our leader it going to be impossible for me to fill those shoes. I just going to come in, play hard and try to help the team win any way I can. chips

LW Mason Raymond and his wife, Megan, are celebrating the arrival of their second child, a daughter. Raymond is expected to return to the team in time for Tuesday game in Philadelphia G Karri Ramo is tabbed to start a third consecutive game on the trip Injured C/LW Paul Byron skated Thursday, but there no timeline for a return to action. To an outsider, it sounds like the greatest gig in the world.

Collect a NHL paycheque but don risk sustaining injuries suffered while suiting up for games.

Corey Potter has lived that life for most of the last 21/2 months at the big
cheap Michael Kors league level and for more than half the season if you count the time he spent recovering from off season shoulder surgery and he be the first to say there no joy being a healthy scratch night after night.

After all, he a professional hockey player, not a professional popcorn eater.

definitely want to play Potter said after going through the paces during an optional skate Thursday at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. definitely not fun sitting out. The goal is to be in the lineup every night and be playing and further your career. I played some games and hadn had that opportunity this year (in the NHL), so if I get that chance, it a good chance for me. chance may finArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Regina’s Vaughn Taylor sets record straight at provincial tack and field championships

Vaughn Taylor went 3 for 4 in his individual events at the Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association track and field championships in Yorkton.

The Michael A. Riffel High School student won three gold medals and set three provincial records in the four midget boys events in which he competed on the weekend.

After setting a new standard in the 100 metre hurdles on Friday (13.29 seconds),
cheap wholesale oakleys Taylor won the 400m with a record setting time of 50.48 seconds later that day. The previous mark of 51.44 seconds had been set in 2005.

On Saturday, Taylor won the 800m and set his third record of the meet with a time of one minute 58.63 seconds. The previous standard of 2:00.10 was set in 2005.

Taylor added a silver medal in the
fake oakleys 200m, which was won by Ryan Botterill of Moose Jaw Peacock.

Two other Regina area athletes Matthew Exner of Riffel and Aurilla Wilson of Balgonie Greenall also won four individual medals during the meet.

Exner, who won the midget boys 1,500m and placed second in
cheap replica oakleys the 400m on Friday, added a gold in the 3,000m and a silver in the 800m on Saturday.

Wilson, who earned gold in the senior girls 1,500m
fake oakley sunglasses and bronze in the 400m on Friday, picked up golds in the 800m and 3,000m on Saturday.

The Campbell duo of Michaela Allen and Emma Kraft each won three individual medals
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale during the meet.

Allen won a silver in the senior girls 400m on Friday and added a silver in the 800m and a bronze in the 200m on Saturday. Kraft, the bronze medallist in the midget girls 1,500m on Friday, earned silvers
fake oakleys in the 800m and 3,000m on Saturday.

Campbell’s Chloe McEachern and O’Neill’s Greg Hetterley were double gold medallists during the meet. McEacher n won the midget girls 400m on Friday and the 800m on Saturday. Hetterley, who
cheap wholesale oakleys won the senior boys 1,500m on Friday, prevailed in the 3,000m on Saturday.

Other gold medallists from the Regina area on Saturday were Miller’s Katie Woods (midget girls shot put), O’Neill’s Brooke Shatkowski (senior girls shot put), Greenall’s Rianne Radmacher (senior girls javelin), the senior boys 4x100m relay team and the girls 4x400m relay team.

Winning silver medals Saturday were Luther’s Will Norton (junior boys 3,000m), Balfour’s Andrew Montgrand (midget boys pole vault), Martin’s Nolan Legien (senior boys triple jump) and the boys 4x400m relay squad.

Matt Johnson of LeBoldus (senior boys 800m) and Campbell’s Paige Jeannot (senior girls long jump) earned bronze medals during Saturday’s action. Taylor (70 points) and
fake oakleys Wilson (68) had the highest individual point totals in their respective divisions. Exner (68) was second in his division, while McEachern (57) and Allen (46) were third in their classifications.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Partial Breastfeeding

Partial Breastfeeding Should I Even Bother?

October 24, 2008 By Carrie Lauth Leave a Comment

For some women, feeding a baby with breastmilk alone is not possible. The reasons for this vary. For instance, some Moms have had previous breast surgery and have damage to their milk producing glands and ducts. Other choose to mix formula and
fake cheap oakley sunglasses breastmilk feeding because they are
cheap oakley sunglasses working outside the home and cannot pump enough milk for baby needs. Still other Moms are adoptive nursing and are unable to bring in a full supply. These Moms may wonder if their baby is benefitting at all from the partial breastfeeding or if they should just quit nursing altogether.

To that, I resolutely say no. Breastfeeding does not have to be an all or nothing proposition! Every drop of mother milk a baby gets is a gift. Of course, the ideal situation is for Mom to exclusively breastfeed, but this isn possible for all Moms, and they should not stop nursing if this ideal can be reached.
oakley sunglasses replica Your baby gains from the immunological, nutritional and other
oakleys sunglasses health benefits of breastmilk in any size World Health Organization defines partial breastfeeding as: giving a baby some breastfeeds, and some artificial feeds, either milk or cereal, or other food. So by definition, a Mother who exclusively breastfed her infant for some time but who is now offering solid foods is also partially breastfeeding.

If you are working outside the home and find that you cannot pump enough to meet baby needs, don give up nursing. If measures to increase your supply or pumping output have failed, continue to breastfeed your baby as much as you can when you with him, including at night. Don fall prey to feelings of guilt or inadequacy either, they won do you or baby any good. Applaud your efforts to continue giving your baby
oakleys sunglasses the best.

Your baby also enjoys the aspects of nursing that have nothing to do with the milk: the pleasure of skin to skin contact, increased
oakley sunglasses discount bonding, and the stimulation of your hormones (such as oxytocin and prolaction) that make you feel happier and reduce feelings of stress. The baby also will benefit from better jaw and facial development and the comfort that sucking at the breast provides.

This is in no
fake oakley wholesale way belittles the importance of exclusive breastfeeding, but in cases where it impossible to do so, any amount of breastfeeding is a good thing. Read our full Terms of Service.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Top 7 Do’s and Don’ts When You First
cheap oakleys Meet a Woman Customer

She is going to consider your appearance in deciding if she is going to be comfortable dealing with you. Make sure you are always neat and presentable. Once she arrives it’s too late to
fake cheap oakleys tidy up. Check your hair and clothes during the day. Be conscious of your breath. She doesn’t need a distraction or an excuse to leave.

Keep your environment in order.

If she comes to your office, don’t have too much on your desk. Clear away used cups, dishes and containers. If you can, have photos of family where she can see them. And if she visits you in
oakley sunglasses replica a store environment, make sure there is no disorder to your merchandise or displays. Check your bathroom to be certain that it is clean, and make sure the entry to your business makes her feel welcome and safe.

You’d be surprised
cheap fake oakleys how many women are put off by salesmen who offer her
fake oakleys cheap a wimpy,
fake cheap oakleys limp handshake. Your handshake should tell her that you respect her and you regard her as a decision maker. She may offer you a wimpy handshake but you should still be relatively firm. Whatever you do, don’t crush her hand. This is no time to project dominance.

If the woman comes
fake cheap oakleys to you with her husband or other male relation, shake hands first with the one who is standing closest to you.

Don’t reach past her to shake his hand first. She may be the one who has the final say on the purchase and you don’t want to create a bad vibe before
cheap oakleys you even start talking. If you give out a business card, make sure you have one for her as well, and again hand it to them according to who is closest.

Some men have difficulty looking a woman in the eye, but if you are in sales you need to overcome that problem. And unless you’re selling shoes, definitely keep your eyes above her shoulders. Be discrete. A woman can tell when you’re not looking at her face.

She needs to feel comfortable with you and nothing is quite as comforting as feeling like you are appreciated.

Women often complain that they aren’t heard, that the salesperson immediately starts thinking what they are going to sell and they don’t focus on the problem she wants to solve.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Axa won’t cover us for the iPhones pinched from our bags at the airport

We did our Christmas shopping on a cruise to New York and Miami, where we bought a MacBook Air, two iPhone 6 Plus handsets and four Pandora bracelet charms, plus other jewellery.

We kept most of our valuables in hand luggage, but there was no room for the laptop and mobile phones, which were boxed.

At Miami Airport we paid $10 per case to have the suitcases stowed securely while we spent the day on the Everglades. We had to show our passports and have our photos taken. We could not have done any more to ensure they were safe and secure while we were on the trip.

That evening, we carried the cases directly to baggage handling. When we arrived home, I found the Pandora charms
fake cheap oakleys and iPhones had been taken. We have travel insurance with Axa through our Lloyds bank account. Axa says that as the items were not in my personal possession, our claim is not valid.

G. M., Hampshire.

Cover: Make sure you read the small print of your insurance so you know what is protected

What did Axa expect you to do? Slide down the luggage shoot and climb into the hold with your bags? For the most part, you behaved perfectly reasonably. Why shouldn’t you spend a day in the Everglades, rather than being cooped up in Miami airport?

Axa told me: ‘Our policy wording clearly states there is no cover available if valuables are stolen or damaged while left unattended at any time (including in a vehicle or in the custody of airline carriers), unless deposited in a hotel safe, safety deposit box or left in the policy holder’s locked accommodation.

‘Unfortunately, the method of storage used at the airport was not sufficiently secure enough to meet our policy wording. While we do recognise the frustration and upset this has caused, ultimately cover is only available in line with the policy’s terms and conditions.’

Bob Atkinson, from comparison site TravelSupermarket, says this type of clause is common.

‘Insurers are usually clear that they will only pay out on something considered a valuable (usually an item costing 150 to 250 or more) if it is stored in a safe, safety deposit box or similar.’

But this begs the question: what
oakleys sunglasses if you have to check out of your hotel room and have a day of your holiday left to
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale spend?

Are you supposed to heave your luggage around all day or can you leave it in a locked room at reception? Is it OK to leave
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses things in a locked car boot? I spoke to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Its spokesman told me: ‘We don’t expect insurers to rely on broad clauses like this. The
cheap fake oakleys key thing is did the insured person act rationally and take reasonable precautions?

‘There is also the question of how safe these things would be if you carried them around the streets with you.’

You certainly appear to pass the test of behaving rationally by using secure storage at the airport.

However, I’m not so sure about checking it in when you could, perhaps, have paid extra to take more hand luggage on
fake oakleys board.

Personally, I’d never put valuables in a suitcase because airport theft is so common.

The good news for you is that the story does not end there. As you said, your insurance comes via your account at Lloyds, with whom you have banked for 40 years.

In recognition of your loyalty, Lloyds has decided to stump up the cost of the 1,500 claim. Its generous gesture of goodwill is in stark contrast with the short shrift you’ve been given by Axa.

Straight to the point

My wife passed away decades ago and
oakley sunglasses replica left everything to me. When I die, will my estate be subject to inheritance tax under today’s rules or those in place when she died?

G. B., Tewkesbury, Glos.

You should
wholesale oakleys be able to pass on 650,000 free of inheritance tax to your children. This is because you will receive your wife’s tax allowance of 325,000 on top of your own.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

Strength Training for the Endurance Athlete

Runners run, cyclists cycle and swimmers swim. For the most part that’s just how it is: endurance athletes sticking close to their sport of choice, with very few venturing into the forbidden realm of strength training. In fact, if you talk to many athletes and avid exercisers, the two forms of training appear to be totally mutually exclusive.

New scientific findings, however, paint a very different picture. Many experts even point to strength training as a reliable way for endurance athletes, especially runners, to greatly reduce their risk of injury.

The Arguments For

Of course, your musculoskeletal system is deeply involved in everything you do, even when you hardly notice it.

A quick look at the human knee, for example, shows a complicated system of muscles used, not only to move your leg, but also to support the movement. If any of those muscles are weak, it places more stress of the others to compensate.

This effect grows when you widen your lens and look at the body as whole. There are muscles that act as shock-absorbers, muscles that keep you steady and, obviously, those that move you forward. All of these need to be strong enough to meet the demands of your sport and keep you injury-free.

While you could make the argument that running builds the muscles needed for running, that’s only true to a point. Any endurance activity builds endurance. In order to build a more solid support system, strength needs to be developed.

Designing Your Program

To be most effective, your strength training program needs to be tailored to your sport. Although balance training would be vitally important to a runner, it doesn’t mean as much to a swimmer or even a cyclist. Swimmers would likely also want to put more emphasis on their upper-body than runners or cyclists would.

Consider the unique challenges of your sport, then, when deciding on which exercises to include in your program.

Since the goal here is to reduce the risk of injury rather than to cause injury, it’s best to start light on the resistance and work your way up. Body weight training is a perfect modality for endurance athletes since it isolates certain muscle groups, requiring them to bear nothing but the weight you use doing your endurance training. Eventually, additional weight could be added to increase the difficulty of a given exercise.

To keep your progress steady, without interfering with your endurance training, dedicate one day to your strength training each week. If you really have to scratch the cardio itch, you can still do a light cardio cool-down for 10 minutes at the end of your workout.

An example workout, aimed toward a runner, might look something like this:

  1. One-legged Squats – 3 sets of 15 on each leg
  2. Back Lunges – 3 sets of 15 on each leg
  3. Push Up on an uneven surface – 3 sets of 10
    • Place your hands on a pillow or balance plate
    • Modify the movement to make it easier, if you need to, by kneeling
  4. Plank – 30 seconds

Rest for 90 seconds after each set before moving on to the next.




Workout While You Work: Treadmill Desk Basics

Chances are you multitask plenty on the job. Do you check emails and update spreadsheets while on a conference call? If so, you’re in good company. However, there’s a group of office workers taking multitasking on the job to a whole new level: they’re working out while they work.

No, these people aren’t Phys Ed teachers, personal trainers or professional athletes. They’re everyday people who work in an office sitting at a desk. Except they’re not sitting down while they type. They’re walking… on a treadmill… at their desks.

Not your average gym treadmill

These special treadmill desks were created so employees who were often sedentary throughout the work day could get physical activity on the job.

Treadmill desks, also called “walking desks” or “treadmill workstations,” consist of a treadmill with a desktop securely balanced on top of the treadmill’s console. An employee’s workstation equipment – including a computer, keyboard, phone and more – sits at a comfortable height so the employee can work and walk simultaneously. Users should walk at an extremely slow pace – only 1-2 miles per hour. This speed is intentionally slower than a normal walking pace so that employees can carry out routine work activities without breaking a sweat.

The perks of walking while you work

The past few years, study after study has revealed just how harmful sitting for long periods of time is for our health. Sitting over four hours per day (as most office workers do) has been linked with type 2 diabetes, heart disease and a shorter life expectancy.

With that said, there’s also an obesity epidemic going on. Not getting enough exercise is partly to blame for our nation’s expanding waistline. In fact, 80 percent of adults don’t get the recommended amount of physical activity. Using a treadmill desk seems like a great solution for these problems.

Dr. James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic, would likely agree. Dr. Levine is credited for creating the first treadmill desk back in 2005. He wanted to find a way to help himself and others get in extra activity throughout the day to help meet weight loss goals. Dr. Levine estimates that the average work-walker burns 100-130 calories per hour. So, if an employee uses a treadmill desk for 8 hours a day every workday, he or she could shed up to one to two pounds per week.

Treadmill desk enthusiasts cite more benefits beyond weight loss. Users claim that treadmill desks can help ease back pain and leg neuropathy and improve circulation.

Where to find a treadmill desk

People are using treadmill desks in corporate settings and in their home offices. Several fitness equipment companies make different models, with prices ranging from approximately $500 to a few thousand dollars.

Note that these treadmills differ from traditional treadmills – they don’t have an incline, have a lower range of speed, and are quieter. They’re designed for walking only. However, if you’re crafty and into DIY projects, it’s possible to repurpose a regular treadmill and turn it into a walking desk.

Have you ever tried a treadmill desk?







Image suggestion:


this photo isn’t ideal, but I doubt Livestrong wants to highlight a competitor’s treadmill