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Beating bullying

In this year’s Anti Bullying week, there’s a focus on cyber bulling, a distressing and growing phenomenon which I’m sure will be a part of our lives in the near future. But whilst my kids are still young, it’s still old fashioned sticks and stones which break their bones.

[advert:mpu]Bullies apparently tend to pick on
cheap ray bans one of three types of kids: the weepy/ scared looking, the physically small or different and finally the oblivious. Before I knew this, my eldest son didn’t seem like a natural choice for the kind of bully who wanted an easy life: he talks a lot
cheap ray bans and he’s on the wild side. But if I were allowed only one word to describe him, ‘oblivious’ would be it.

Recently however, he has been living in a different galaxy, a fact which I quickly put down to his finding German schooling challenging and to my taking my eye off the parental ball. We started doing extra homework, but concentration didn’t improve. I was beginning to understand why his teachers were becoming frustrated with him

Then a few weeks later ds came home from school very hyper and wilder than usual. Turned out three kids (two older, one from his class) had tricked him into the bushes in the playground, held him fast and beat him round his legs and chest with a stick. He escaped, found a teacher and with the help of a friend told her the story (apparently the teacher found it difficult to understand ds through his tears). No action was taken against the other boys by the school that day.

I called the teacher the next day and prompted only by my call the class teachers of the other boys were informed. All involved were asked to apologise to ds (two of them did so). I also told them what ds told me: this wasn’t the first time, but an accumulation of nastiness which started a few weeks into term.

Today I’ve
discount ray bans spent some time reading through other accounts of bullying, and it’s all sounding way too familiar: how kids get used to the insults, think they’re commonplace. How the bully pretends to be a buddy, then turns and turns back again. How kids succumb to the guilt trip the bullies give them, and don’t tell their parents or teachers what’s happened. These things go on behind your back, without your knowledge and probably without bumps, bruises or even tears: emotional damage which the kids themselves might not be aware of.

For my
cheap ray bans part, I’m researching what I need to know about bullying. For ds’s part, I think this last incident has shocked out of his oblivion: he finally knows for sure the ringleader is not his friend and actively means him harm. We’ve talked about steering clear of situations when he comes close to this boy, in fact we’re talking to ds about school life (as opposed to school work) casually much more now.

We’re also meeting with the school to work out exactly what their rules are and what the protocol is for dealing with an incident like this one. And dp has calmed down enough to be allowed to face the boy’s father again ;)

But it’s clear to all of us now: bullying doesn’t just happen to other kids, it’s not always easy to spot and while kids need to fight their own battles kids need our protection and the strategies to recognise and combat threatening behaviour, before the consequences become more serious.Articles Connexes:

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lawmakers eye stricter animal cruelty law

Lawmakers return to the Capitol this week to consider stiffer penalties for aggravated animal cruelty under a proposal that has united animal welfare activists and farmers, groups that were on opposite sides of the same debate two years ago.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday is expected to endorse a bill pushed by Attorney General Dustin McDaniel that would make aggravated cruelty to dogs, cats and horses a felony on the first offense. McDaniel and the bill’s sponsor have predicted that the bill will end up on the governor’s desk for his signature by the end of the month.

"I certainly think the chances are better than they’ve ever been before," said Sen. Sue Madison, D Fayetteville, who sponsored the animal cruelty legislation. The measure is co sponsored by six of the eight members of the Senate panel.

The bill would make aggravated cruelty to a dog, cat or horse a felony on the first offense, punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 and up to six years in prison. The bill also includes a five year sentencing enhancement for
cheap ray bans anyone convicted of torturing an animal in the presence of a
fake ray bans child.

Animal cruelty is now a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and up to a year in prison.

The legislation was crafted after McDaniel negotiated compromises between animal welfare and hunters and farmers’ groups, which had sparred over past attempts to tighten animal cruelty laws. In 2007, a similar bill died in a House committee after farmers and hunters expressed concern about it.

The groups supporting the bill include the Arkansas Farm Bureau and the Humane Society of the United States.

The session resumes Wednesday after a long weekend for the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday and for Tuesday’s inauguration of Barack Obama. The 87th General Assembly began last week with a focus on health care as Gov. Mike Beebe unveiled his plan to hike cigarette and chewing tobacco taxes to pay for a trauma system and an expansion of the state’s health programs.

Rep. Gregg Reep said he hopes to file the legislation for the $87.8 million in tobacco tax hikes either Wednesday or Thursday. House Republicans have said they plan to file an alternate bill that would fund a trauma system by raising the fees for drunken and reckless driving convictions.

Lawmakers also plan to take a look at how annual legislative sessions approved by voters will change the way they do business. The Joint Budget Committee planned to meet Wednesday morning to discuss changes they will face under a constitutional amendment endorsed by voters in November requiring the Legislature to meet and budget annually, rather than every other year.

Under the amendment, legislators would meet in regular session one year and then handle only budget matters the following year during a fiscal session.

Sen. Gilbert Baker, the Senate co chair of the panel, said the committee needs to work out rules on how to handle the budget sesssions, including budget hearings traditionally held before a session. Under the biennial system used up until now, lawmakers
replica ray ban sunglasses would begin looking at the two year budget in fall hearings.

"The question that arises is, how do we lead into the session?" said Baker, R Conway. "What kind of pre hearings are we going to have? I have very little interest in a lot of pre hearings."

Whatever rules lawmakers develop for the annual sessions may become moot if opponents of the new amendment get their way. Sen. Bobby Glover, D Carlisle, has proposed that lawmakers ask voters next year to repeal the annual sessions amendment.

A lawmaker who wants the state to move the date of its presidential primary elections says he’ll bring his proposal before a House panel on Wednesday. Rep. Jon Woods, R Springdale, wants the state to move the presidential primaries from February to May, when primaries for other offices are held.

The Legislature voted in 2005 to move the presidential contests to February, arguing that it would give the state bigger heft in national politics. Instead, Arkansas was joined by more than 20 other states that held their nominating contests that day.

Gov. Mike Beebe and Secretary of State Charlie Daniels have said they support moving back to a May presidential primary.

Woods said a fiscal impact statement on the bill showed that the state would save $1.7 million if it moves back to just one date for primary elections.

"That’s a lot of money that we’re going to cut right off the top and be able to give back to the people or use for other things," Woods said.

The House State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee is also expected to consider legislation by Rep. Dan Greenberg, R Little Rock, that would prevent retaliation against public employees for requesting records under the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

Lawmakers will get a second chance Wednesday to give a founding father his due when Rep. Lindsley Smith brings her proposal to set aside Jan.

An identical proposal by Smith, D Fayetteville, was rejected by the House in 2007 after lawmakers questioned Paine’s writings critical of the Bible and Christianity.

On Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee is expected to consider a measure to remove the statute of limitations for rape charges. Currently, murder is the only crime in which cases can be prosecuted without a limit on the time passed since the crime was committed. Rape cases must now be filed within six years of the event.

Committee chairman Steve Harrelson, D Texarkana, said the committee may also consider a bill Thursday that would add stricter penalties to a 2007 video voyeur law. The bill by Donna Hutchinson, R Bella Vista, proposes expanding the law to increase the penalties for violators who send or post online the voyeuristic videos or photographs. Associated Press text, photo, graphic, audio and/or video material shall not be published, broadcast, rewritten for broadcast or publication or redistributed directly or indirectly in any medium. Neither these AP materials nor any portion thereof may be stored in a computer except for personal and noncommercial use. The AP will not be held liable for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions therefrom or in the transmission or delivery of all or
replica ray bans any part thereof or for any damages arising from any of the foregoing.Articles Connexes:

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Metroactive Dining

When El Palomar Restaurant first opened, their claim to fame was handmade, in house corn tacos, soft and sensuous. So when the ingenious makeover of the arcade pass through opened a few years later, it already had an advantage. The small, fragrant corn tortillas are little New World poems, and even the larger flour tortillas are sensational. Supple and tender, they reinvent the concept of flat bread. So we got behind a conga line of babies in those high tech Bradley fighting strollers, lawyers in Ray Bans and the usual assortment of downtown professional types. The ballgame was on the TV, beaming over the narrow hall of counters and
fake ray bans tables reflected in giant mirrors. The huge starburst wall plaque reminds me of Puerto Vallarta.

So does the blaring salsa music. Like all taquerias, El Palomar Taco Bar is already loud, so who cares if the babies get down and let loose? Why are we all here, watching a team of women very quickly assembling colorful plates of food? Three words: good and cheap. Consider a layering of two
discount ray bans impossibly tender corn tortillas frosted
cheap ray bans with refried beans, piled with morsels of succulent fresh snapper in tomatillo salsa, salsa fresca and a lavish amount of tomatoes and shredded cabbage. Hold that thought. And now attach a $3 price tag. Yes, it is amazing. And El Palomar Taco Bar can deliver its payload in prawns, or chicken, or sensational guacamole, or scallops or rich carne asada. Three dollars.

Jack was whispering "bueno" over and over like an overburned CD as he offered me a bite of his combo lunch. Five dollars in this case gets you a guacamole taco voluptuous guacamole, the kind you try to make at home and yet you simply cannot make at home. Plus, a quesadilla topped with a dollop of sour cream, a small pool of amazing tomatillo salsa
replica ray ban sunglasses and a giant dollop of more guacamole. There was no denying it. The combo ruled. My body was doing that little swaying food dance of sheer pleasure. And not simply because the guacamole was so damn good. The quesadilla was also on target. Thin, wide and elegant not fat and bumpy. Filled with a thin melted layer of cheese, it lent itself easily, effortlessly to the sour cream and to the guacamole. Every great flavor of the Mexican taqueria experience was happening here plus this is a vegetarian dish. The guacadilla combo is the star. Can it get any better than this? Can it really? Fresh abundant calories and not a trace of fried food. Yes, it is great to be an American.Articles Connexes:

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Making Money with Affiliate Programs

If you have a website and you are not involved in any of the thousands of affiliate programs available on the Internet, you are loosing great opportunities to make some extra income.

If you have a website and you are not involved in any of the thousands of affiliate programs available on the Internet, you are loosing great opportunities to make some extra income. As in the case of some top affiliate marketers this extra income might even transform into thousands of dollars.

If you have a website and you are not involved in any of the thousands of affiliate programs available on the Internet, you are loosing great opportunities to make some extra income. As in the case of some top affiliate marketers this extra income might even transform into thousands of dollars.

Affiliate program is one of the most effective methods of producing sales second only to direct mail. According to Forrester Research, a marketing research company, in this year 21% of all online sales will be generated from affiliate sites promoting affiliate products.

If you do your homework right, you too can earn handsomely from the correct use of affiliate programs.

What is an affiliate program?

The concept of affiliate program is based on the age old business practice of referral service. This is quite common in many industries. An attorney, for example, gets a certain percent of commission if he refers a client to another lawyer. The Amazon Affiliate Program became so successful that it prompted others to follow the suit. Today, affiliate programs became ubiquitous on the Internet making them one of the primary methods of online marketing of products and services.

Affiliate Program can be defined as Internet marketing system where a company allows and helps third party websites, called affiliates to post link and refer clients in return for a predetermined flat fee or percentage based commission.

Benefits of affiliate programs

Affiliate Programs became so popular because as a partnership it TMs a win win situation for both the program owner and the affiliates.

Benefits for program owners include:The primary reason for most of the companies to adopt an affiliate program is the possibility of boosting sales. Many websites receive major portion of their visitors from their affiliate links. To find suitable websites with required content in order to run a banner or link campaign
fake Michael Kors is time consuming and require large resources; affiliate programs in comparison can resolve this issue often with a far smaller investment

Increase search engine ranking

Search engines,
Michael Kors handbags outlet Google in particular, calculate link popularity as one of the main factors in their ranking algorithm. No doubt, omnipresent visibility of their logo on the affiliate sites definitely had a huge impact on the brand recognition of the Amazon. Offline companies had to spend billions of dollars of advertisement money to get similar results!

How about the affiliates? What are the benefits they get from an affiliate relationship?

No product or service to carry

Online business with your own product or service might be rewarding, but it requires substantial investment from your part. With carefully chosen affiliate programs you can have your
Michael Kors handbags online business without the requirement of having your own products.

The investment is low as all you need is a website.

Michael Kors handbags outlet need to have a merchant account

Since you don TMt carry your own products or services you do not have to go through the hassle of having a merchant account to cater your clients. Your affiliate program owner will do everything. All you have to do is supply clients through your designated link.

Possibility of residual income

Many programs
Michael Kors handbags outlet pay you a commission from the
cheap Michael Kors sales made to the customers generated from affiliates, who have signed up as an affiliate following your
Cheap Michael Kors handbags link. This
Michael kors handbags outlet kind of affiliate system is called 2 tier system.

Visitor tracking system allows affiliate programs to pay you a commission when same visitor from your website makes repeat purchase.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Mahindra launches XUV500 Xclusive edition priced at Rs 14

After Maggi row, ITC’s Yippee under food safety scanner nowNess Wadia may soon play a bigger role at BritanniaStocks NewsWorth your money? Three stocks that bucked correction18 out of the BSE 100 companies
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet generated positive returns during this period. What should investors do with these stocks?Can Modi govt’s push put the spring back in infra stocks?Buy stocks like vegetables, not perfume, says Dhirendra KumarPush for StartupsChronicles of Ather: Building a smart electric bike for IndiaSome asked the IIT Madras graduates to build an app, another suggested a hardware, and a few advised doing something in the food space.Infosys completes smart OFS solution project at FTSIDatamatics Global to wind up German subsidiariesEnergyCarlyle joins Cairn Energy’s Mike Watts to recreate magicThe man who hit jackpot under
Cheap Michael Kors handbags the sands of Rajasthan by finding a billion barrels of oil is back to what he does best hunt for more.RGTIL’s CRISIL rating unaffected
replica Michael Kors handbags by rupee loan refinancingBPCL to go ahead with Bina refinery expansion sans Oman Oil International Yoga DayInternational Yoga Day start of era PM Narendra ModiThe 35,985 strong crew inside Rajpath lit with gaint screens included government officials, school students and security personnel. It is projected to rise five fold by 2025.How to restructure income and expenses to optimise taxCurrent market correction good for investors: Nandkumar SurtiIndia’s Foreign Policy PushPM Modi and France’s Hollande to co launch bookThe Modi government is taking a strong position on climate change, emphasising India’s commitment to the cause and its initiatives.Sushma Swaraj, UN chief Ban Ki moon discuss several regional issuesForeign investors dump Indian shares worth Rs 3,300 croreBattle of E commerce giantsSnapdeal takes advantage of Flipkart ad;
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet war intensifiesSnapdeal launched a campaign with the catchline ‘Achha kiya bata diya, YahanSeKharido’ on Thursday evening in a counter to Flipkart.Snapdeal trolls Flipkart’s AcchaKiya campaignBubble lurking in startups? Changing metrics to step up valueNEW DELHI: Mahindra Mahindra on Monday launched a limited edition of its sports utility
cheap Michael Kors handbags vehicle XUV500, priced at Rs 14.48 lakh (ex showroom Mumbai).The ‘XUV500 Xclusive Edition’, comes with various features including electric sunroof, reverse camera and voice messaging system.Commenting on the launch, Mahindra Mahindra chief marketing officer automotive division Vivek Nayer said the company has launched the model based on the feedback received from the customers.READ ALSO: Mahindra recalls XUV500
fake Michael Kors models manufactured before July’14"The XUV500 Xclusive Edition will create a new benchmark in premiumness and exclusivity, to further enhance the XUV500′s appeal amongst its customers and fans," he added.About usAdvertise with usTerms
Michael Kors handbag outlet of Use and Grievance Redressal PolicyPrivacy policyFeedbackLiving and entertainment.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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The Life Of Pi

It is the story of a young lad named Pi who spends 227 days out
Cheap Michael Kors handbags on sea with a small group of animals after disaster strikes their ship and is n account of his journey of survival and hardship.

Piscine "Pi" Molitor Patel, on whom Life of Pi is based after, is a young boy living in Pondicherry, India where his father owns a zoo and who follows multiple religions since he believes in gaining from each teaching. The story starts when the Patel’s decide to shut shop and shift to Canada due to political disturbances happening in India at that time.

However, due to bad weather, the ship
Michael Kors handbags outlet carrying the family along with the zoo animals begins to leak water and ultimately sinks. Pi along with an orangutan, an injured zebra, a hyena and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker are the only survivors
discount Michael Kors who take shelter on a small lifeboat. Both the injured zebra and the orangutan are soon killed and eaten by the hyena. The tiger in turn kills and eat the hyena leaving just the two
cheap Michael Kors of them alone on the boat now.

In an effort to avoid being eaten by Richard Parker, Pi portrays himself as the alpha
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet male of the group and remains safe from harm. Since he does not want the tiger to die for fear of going mad by being alone on the boat, he fishes and feeds the two of them in order to
fake Michael kors handbags outlet stay alive.

Life of Pi then enters its third phase when their lifeboat washes up on the shores of Mexico and the tiger escapes into a nearby forest leaving Pi alone. It is available at all leading bookstores although one can get it at a great
Michael Kors handbags outlet discount at some of the online retailers.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Today’s News on Panos Emporio at Times
Michael kors handbags outlet of India

Tamil Nadu’s high grasslands: Key to water securityThe India
cheap michael kors Meteorological Department (IMD) has downgraded its forecast for the southwest monsoon for 2015 to 86% of the average. Many times, forecast of deficient rains has later turned out to be incorrect.

Titan to focus more on small towns, to open 100 more storesLeading watchmaker Titan will add about 100 more outlets across its retail formats of World of Titan, Fastrack and Helios this fiscal to increase its presence in small towns, a top executive said.

Kitty party games deal luxe malls a good handOn an afternoon in Delhi, a group of elegant women in their forties huddled around a coffee table laden with
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet crepes and cappuccino on the ground floor of DLF Emporio.

Helios hosts a fun filled activity for its customers in
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet JaipurHelios, the multi brand watch retailer by Titan Company Limited, recently hosted a fun filled activity for its customers in Jaipur, who put on their stylish best to get free watches by
Michael Kors handbags French Connection and gift vouchers redeemable at Helios.

Myntra gets premium brands to IndiaIn an endeavour to catch up with global trends,
Michael Kors handbags outlet virtual application Myntra has added ten international brands like
Cheap Michael Kors handbags Replay,
Michael Kors handbags outlet Cole Haan and SELA to its platform.

Myntra gets premium brands to IndiaOnline fashion retailer Myntra has recently added over 10 international brands to offer premium fashion exclusively through its platform, taking the total count to 30.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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listened to if they are at a community get together or even at church. Sure they read their outlines, but taking a mental note of how they emphasize the things they declare may help you once you get center stage. Make
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses the best out of preparation rather than simply scribbling notes and often in a rushed panic. Many people love to write things down on index cards, while others make use of being a little more absurd when they examine their notes composed on the palm of their hand (certainly not for clammy hands, please). Just always be comfortable with that which you know because you appreciate your projects.

David Yurman Bracelets David Yurman bracelets are among the most beautiful pieces of jewelry in the world. What woman would not love the elegance, fine craftsmanship, and style of Yurman’s world renowned designs? It is the kind of jewelry
cheap oakleys that people can wear on a daily basis, making it a part of their regular wardrobe, rather than tucking it away for
oakley sunglasses replica special occasions.
oakley sunglasses discount Affordable David Yurman Bracelets
replica oakleys Of course, not everyone can afford the luxury of real David Yurman bracelets. As much as we would love to have the real thing, sometimes it just isn’t possible. That does not mean we have to go without the David Yurman style, though. There are jewelry designers
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale that make jewelry inspired by David Yurman’s designs. These are often just as beautiful as the real thing, but at a fraction of the cost. You might ask yourself if you really want an "imitation," but you should think of them rather as being inspired by Yurman’s design principles rather than imitations. There are online jewelry shops that sell jewelry inspired by famous designers. These shops sell pieces that are just as beautiful as real David Yurman bracelets.
fake oakleys cheap When choosing a jewelry site, look for one that uses high quality materials, has good pictures, and affordable prices. You will love your new bracelet just as much as if it were a real David Yurman design.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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this left brain vs. right brain or head vs. heart, the cause is
fake oakley wholesale differing values. Understanding values characteristics will take you a long way toward resolving your differences. Understand people have different passions that drive them to get what they want. As Anais Nin said, "We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are." If you can
cheap fake oakleys appreciate that values are neither good nor bad just different, it can help you appreciate other people’s point of view and
fake oakleys be less judgmental toward them. Of course, in your efforts to improve relationships, you should never let people criticize you for being who
fake oakleys cheap you are, either. Generally, when people know
oakleys sunglasses you understand where they’re "coming from," most will be more
oakleys sunglasses understanding with you. It’s important to make it clear to others how they may and may not treat you. I had a friend once who was high in the Theoretical value. She used to roll her eyes and get irritated with my "stupidity" for not knowing something she thought I should know. When I explained that I’m not stupid, that I
fake oakley sunglasses cheap graduated magna cum laude, second in my class in college and was uncomfortable with her attitude, she stopped treating me with disdain. The Platinum Rule says, "Do unto others as they would have you do unto them." If you treat people they wayArticles Connexes:
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Articles Connexes:

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The Secret Life of a Love Doll

Famed artist and photographer Laurie Simmons boasts an impressive career spanning over three decades. She’s shown at some of the world’s top art institutions and galleries, and appeared on art
fake cheap oakleys world popular PBS television series Art 21. She also happens to be the the proud mother of promising young filmmaker Lena Dunham, the 24 year old director of last year’s indie hit Tiny Furniture.

Sound cukoo? That’s cuz it kinda is. For one month, Simmons engaged in a sort of "relationship" come on, not that kind of relationship with a surrogate sex partner, who arrived in a packaging crate, donning a transparent slip
cheap oakleys and an engagement ring (plus complete female genitalia).

Simmons tells the WSJ:

"It’s kind of like my dream come true to have a life size doll. But really my dream come true would be to have a life size doll that I could move around the same way I could move a six inch doll the same mobility and plasticity."

Simmons is no stranger to dolls she’s built a career staging photographic scenes with dolls and ventriloquist dummies, inferring some pretty heavy psychological subtexts.

The show will be up through March 26th at Salon 94, NYC.

Here is all you need to begin making your very own ethnic reborn doll. In this six part series Nikki Holland demonstrates all you need to know to have a realistic bi racial doll. She shows
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses us how to correctly use our tools, paint our dolls for a successful realistic result.

Part 1 of 6 How to Make an ethnic reborn baby
cheap fake oakley sunglasses doll.

Part 2 of 6 How to Make an ethnic reborn baby doll.

Part 3 of 6 How to Make an ethnic reborn baby doll.

Part 4 of 6 How to Make an ethnic reborn baby doll.

Part 5 of 6 How to Make an ethnic reborn baby doll.

Part 6 of 6 How to Make an ethnic reborn baby.

Rag doll making is a
oakley sunglasses replica fun and creative project that incorporates basic sewing and other craft techniques. Learn how to create handmade rag dolls with tips from a seamstress and craft expert in this free doll making video series.

Part 1 of 14 How to Make a rag doll.

Make a rag doll Part 2 of 14.

Click through to watch this video on.

Is it just us, or do dolls get scarier as we get older? When we were younger, there was
cheap oakleys nothing more fun to do on a Sunday afternoon than to play dress up and do pretend tea time with our American Girl dolls. Yet now those unmoving, lifelike eyes and disarming smiles creep the living daylights out of us.

Take advantage of a doll spooky charm by dressing up as a dead doll this Halloween. The look is
oakleys sunglasses all in the makeup, so check out this makeup tutorial for creating a freaky face that emphasizes your plush, long doll lashes and kissy lips.

In this video, we learn how to make a Tyler Oakley inspired rag doll. You will need: an old t shirt, a needle, felt, googly eyes, pen/pencil, paper, yarn, thread, and scissors. Start out by drawing the body of the doll out on the piece of paper, then cut it out. Now, trace the body shape onto the t shirt and cut out two of these shapes. Now, take a needle and thread, and sew the two pieces of fabric together, leaving a small opening. Next, fill up the doll and then sew it back together. Now, create clothing for
wholesale cheap oakleys the doll and then sew it on. Make a face with your other items, then add on the.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: