Treadmill Buying Guide Award Winning LIVESTRONG Fitness Products


With LIVESTRONG® by Johnson treadmills for the home, the weather is always perfect to step on the path to a better you. With powerful, top-quality digital drive motors that we engineer ourselves, our folding treadmills perform like the ones in health clubs. Plus, they’re loaded with programs that can help you reach your goal – whether it is weight loss, better race times, overall wellness or all of the above. Check out our LIVESTRONG® treadmill reviews to find out what other people have to say about our models.

  • 7.5" blue backlit LCD with racetrack display
  • Spacious, 20" x 55" deck with MaxComfort cushioning
  • Built-in speakers with iPod®/iPhone® connectivity and fan
  • Heavy-duty, folding frame with lifetime warranty
Sold only in Canada
  • 3.25 HP continuous-duty motor
  • Passport interactive media player
  • RunnersFirm cushioning system
  • Extended-range power incline up to 15%
Sold only in Canada
  • 10” HD touchscreen display
  • Extra-long, 60" deck with MaxComfort™ cushioning
  • Free wireless Polar® HR monitor
  • Integrated fitness journal and fan
Sold only in Canada
  • 2.75HP continuous-duty motor
  • Extra-long, 20” X 60” deck with MaxComfort™ cushioning
  • Heart rate - ERGOfit™ contact grips with toggles and wireless receiver
  • Best-in-class warranty coverage
Sold only in Canada
  • 2.5 HP continuous-duty motor
  • Spacious, 20" x 55" deck
  • Up to 12 mph speed and 12% power incline
Sold only in Canada