LIVESTRONG® LS10.0T Treadmill Reviews

LIVESTRONG® LS10.0T Treadmill
11 reviews

je07638 (Troy, MI)


Worst Treadmill & Customer Service Ever

I've had this treadmill for a little less than 2 years. I've already had to call customer service because it has broken down twice. The first time the display stopped functioning. The second time the on/off switch broke. The treadmill would just stop working. I called customer service, and they told me that my part was in stock and I would have it in no more than 2 business days. After two business days, I still didn't have the part. I called back, and the person that looked at my case told me that she had no idea what was going on with my shipment and she would call me back. She never called me back. I had to call again to find out that my part was never shipped and that I would have to wait another 2 business days. I'm ready to go out and look for another treadmill because I'm tired of this one breaking.

Sopa13 (Ballston Spa, NY)


Gym quality at home

This treadmill operates pretty quietly, and is very easy to use. The beeping is extraordinarily loud and the safety kill switch is very very sensitive, but other than that, not much to say negative about it. The preset programs and the ability to program your own workouts is one of my favorite features of this treadmill. The quick set incline and speeds with also having a way to adjust either by using the 'joystick' buttons just add to the simplicity of use. The built in fan could use a little more air flow but is a nice little extra feature. Lastly the speaker system works wonderfully with a Kindle Fire. You'll also get a nice upper body workout if you need to move it much because it weighs between 250-300 lbs, but has built in castors and a nice hydraulic arm to prevent the deck from slamming down. Overall, satisfaction rating of a 9.7.

Dawn (Palmyra, IN)


Worth more than the price!

I am so glad I researched and purchased this treadmill! I absolutely love the features available, I have used a lot of gym treadmills and have found I much prefer my Livestrong 10.0. Smooth transitions in speed and incline, as well as excellent sound quality. My entire family of four use it! Only change I would make would be the beeping when you make a change in the speed or to pause it for interval training. A bit annoying but if that's the only issue I am good. Thank you Livestrong for the gym quality treadmill at a price that most can afford.

rock (Marion, IA)


Over fifty and this is easy to use!

Assembly was as described in manual - everything fit well and came with what you needed. Have started workout with peak intervals program. This is great to get started with. It slowly works you into jogging and allows for speed and incline increases as you advance in fitness. I started out at 294lb and it has no problem with my weight. I have lost 5 lbs in 1st week of use! So far I am impressed with quality. Only con is how the manual is written - hard to tell how to use features on model I chose - seems to mix in other models as well in how to use
features. Not sure how to use USB connection for updates and programs. Speakers and fan very nice bonus!I Also like cool down feature of program. Thanks seems like a great product for money spent!

JennM (Saint Augustine, FL)


Great Product

Arrived quickly, no issues with packaging. Easy to put together (according to husband), took about an hour. Quiet and I love the manual option for setting up a workout. Has everything I wanted and more. Would definite recommend this to anyone.

Melissa (Jacksonville, FL)


Does the job

This treadmill works great and gets the job done. I haven't explored any of the different workouts, but have been happy with the performance. I run about 15 miles a week on it. If I could change things, it would show mile pace instead of just mph, it turns on at volume 10 which is a super loud and annoying beep, and the laps don't match up with the distance in miles. Also, I paid to have it assembled and the guy told me that was the first time he ever put one together. I haven't had any issues, but was a little nervous the first time I got on it after hearing that news.

Chris (Peoria, IL)


Good Buy for Basic Running

I purchased this treadmill from a large retailer the week after Christmas 2012. So far, I've only had it a few weeks, and it's doing a great job of providing a solid, stable and enjoyable running platform. I'm training for a marathon and in my neck of the woods, outdoor running isn't always possible this time of year. I like the easy controls on this unit, and the fact that the surface is cushioned but not "bouncy" like some other brands. The speakers seem to work fine too, as I run with my iPad on this machine (which fits very well and still allows you to see all your workout stats).

I am using this for basic running only, so can't talk to the programmed workouts. And, I do wish this has connectivity to Wifi to upload workouts. But, so far, so good and I'm extremely happy with the purchase.

frunobulax (New Port Richey, FL)


Basic function OK - some weakness

Number selections for quick settings for incline and speed are virtually invisible without bright
light (bad color choices). Setting up a custom workout interval is difficult, and have not figured
out how to save or edit them. Hand heart monitor is useless. Documentation seriously lacking.

The basic function of the unit is smooth and gives you a decent workout.

George (Topeka, KS)


Great Value

Bought this treadmill 6 weeks ago and simply love it. I'm trying to get in better shape, can't run but spend 35 - 55 minutes a day walking on this treadmill. It's options to use a manual program or enter a custom program offer just what I need. I researched many treadmills from the low end to the very expensive and was sold on the price and the lifetime motor and frame warranty. You won't find that type of warranty on very many treadmills. This was a great value for me. It was very easy to assemble. Very heavy so get help putting it where you want it, or take them up on their offer to put it where you want it. Glad I got this one.

steve (haw river, NC)



Picked this my at Dick's sporting Goods even after watching a video ( never by live strong cause of bad tech support) bought it as a floor model and got it home and screen wouldn't work properly. Called tech support, got straight threw and the tech ran me through some tests. Very knowledgeable person and he said circuit board was bad so he arranged to get it replaced . Very quit machine , very smooth operation, very pleased with tech support.

Paulcoffee (Ottawa, NY)



I purchased my 10.0T at Canadian TIre in Ottawa Ontario Canada. I have come to expect quality in the Livestrong brand and they did not let me down. Yes it is heavy and yes it probably should be deliver by professionals but I wanted it! It goes together in like five peaces and its up and running right away. Two people can have this up and running in minutes. I love the feel when running on it, smooth, cushioned and i can have my music. I love it. Great product!