LIVESTRONG® LS13.0E Elliptical Reviews

LIVESTRONG® LS13.0E Elliptical
8 reviews

Ralph (Aloha, OR)


Best Elliptical Ever

Today marks the One year anniversary of owning this elliptical, and it's been excellent to use. I have had 2 other brand ellipticals before this and they all had failures with bad welds and bolts snapping. I wanted to wait a full year before I wrote a review on this one. I'm 54, only weigh 200 lbs, have type 2 diabetes, not super athletic, and use this almost every day for about a half hour each time. (Doctor wants me to use it more... but I have a life too!)
This machine is fantastic. Extremely solidly built, very stable at all heights and you really feel like you are on a professional gym quality machine. Yes, there has been some small squeaking issues, however a $5.00 can of spray lithium grease (which will last you years) will solve that. They even have a website page with info on that. Also, I think the squeaking is actually coming from rubbings between the metal and the plastic bolt and pivot guards, so you don't have to take it apart to spray grease, just aim the spray under the plastic covers. A quick spray about every 3-4 months will keep it perfectly quiet.
Aside from that, it has performed perfectly. The motorized lift is very smooth and the design of the lifting "screw" looks like a great long lasting design. The tension control is also smooth giving you a whole range of exercise options from easy cardio to muscle building.
I definitely recommend this machine. As for assembly (as I recall) it's pretty easy, but much easier if you have a helper to hold the center column and handle bars while you pull wires through. Didn't take long to assemble... just ask someone to help you a bit.
Well, I gave this the full 5 stars. But after having 2 other brand and style units fail on me, I would give this design 10 stars if I could.

Jonathan (Round Rock, TX)


Good product, overall!

The product works as advertised. Only issues are that the built-in fan is not adjustable, so if you are taller than 4 feet, you won't feel it. Squeaks are difficult to pinpoint.

Dennis (luling, LA)


Save $$ on gym memberships!!

I used to belong to a gym and would do spinning classes and use their ellipticals, well, because of my busy schedule I was not always able to make the classes so for the majority of the year I paid $45 per month to use an elliptical. I'm 48 yrs old and even though I've always been athletic I hate weight training but do love elliptical work. So why not buy one and be able to use it at my convenience w/o the membership fee of a gym?

Bill Bird (Boerne, TX)


nice product

The cover for the front of the product came in cracked. By the time you assemble the product and get to this last cracked peice, its just not worth stopping and contacting your company for replacement. However, I do love the product and will continue to use your company.

Gabe (Kansas City, MO)


Good product

Great customer service. Had a broken plastic part on arrival. Emailed CS and had a replacement in 2 days! Overall satisfied with the product and would buy again.

dennis c (Gardner, MA)


Great Machine

Had initial problem with the console that was immediately resolved by very responsive customer/technical service. I wish all company's responded to issues as well as Livestrongfitness. The machine is extremely well built. Structural tubing and welds are industrial quality. The action of the fly wheel and linkages is flawless, very smooth and quiet. This is a heavy duty machine. Assembly instructions and materials are well laid out and materials are laid out to follow the instructions. The supplied tools are adequate to get the job done. I enjoy my workouts.

Noah (Austin, TX)


Do not pay for Assembly!

Machine seems solid and so far reliable. Not a ton of bells and whistles but I was looking for quality over features so that is OK. The one big problem I have is paying the $225 fee for delivery and "Gold Service" assembly. The delivery guys were the assembly folks and their words were "we've never done one of these before", real comforting. Well, as expected assembly was poor. The handles were put on the wrong side, R and L were opposite. I did not notice this because I glanced at the machine when they were done and have not owned an elliptical before so things looked OK. The handles felt awkward in use after and I discovered the mistake. Also, I have service scheduled because there is already a loose feeling on the pedals and loud knocking noises. I attribute this to the assembly rather than the machine. I recommend the machine, but do not waste your money on assembly.

GR (Los Angeles, CA)


I Made the Right Decision!

I am 62 years young and got tired of waiting to use the Elliptical at my local workout place. I researched my options for several weeks and tried many of the models. It came down to Sole equipment or Livestrong. I was trying to stay in the $1000 price range. The popular NordicTrack and Proform Ellipticals did not have a smooth and natural step motion like the Livestrong. I tried the Livestrong models at a local Dicks Sporting Goods store and liked the equipment but found that the online purchase directly from Livestrong was a better value with free shipping. I purchased the LS13.0E and it arrived quickly at my front door.

Assembly was a challenge and after carrying each of the pieces (and some were quite heavy) from the shipping box (well packed) to my workout room I took my time, followed the instructions and it all worked just great. I wasted no time and I have been very focused on a regular daily routine. Unfortunately I had a problem with the electonics in the console unit but I sent one email to customer support and a replacement showed up a few days later. Great customer service. I would never have received such good support for a local store.

Make the right decision, try out the Livestrong Elliptical and you'll be glad you did! Also, watch the prices on the website . . . I was lucky enough to catch a discount day in December!