LIVESTRONG® LS13.0T Treadmill Reviews

LIVESTRONG® LS13.0T Treadmill
4 reviews

karen (surrey bc, WA)



was very impressed to the way the packaging was done. very well organized and easy to follow

FANTASTIC machine (13.0)

cons; peep is to LOUD
safety key is in the wrong spot is very sensitive and I do manage to touch it will taking my heart rate ...the machine comes to a complete stop with no notice and it will jerk your back to a slit pain

i did 4months of research and this was one of the top machines in this price catagory that was recommended

Jim (Somewhere in, VA)


I've used better

Degree in computers and have used my treadmills at gyms; however. Found this one difficult to set-up a workout program

Dan (Russell, KY)


Best treadmill for the money

This is a solid machine, extremely smooth and quiet. The pre-programed excercises are great, work with all levels, all shapes and sizes of users.



Extremely Quiet

I purchased this treadmill to replace a older Vision T-9100 that the motor control board filed after 7 years. Johnson Fitness customer service is great. Also with the new treadmill i was concerned with the folding capability that my old one was a non-folding model. Well to my surprise, it is very solid, extremely quiet, and lots of pre-installed programs. I will have to say Excellent job on the well built newer model. Normally with time the newer the cheaper. But not with this treadmill. yes there are a few plastic parts, but they seem to be as well built as the treadmill itself.