LIVESTRONG® LS5.0U Upright Bike Reviews

LIVESTRONG® LS5.0U Upright Bike
5 reviews

Mark T (Fresno, CA)


Easy set up - great workouts

I'm 52 and usually ride no less than 20 miles a day to stay healthy in spring, summer and fall. Wanted an exercise bike for cold winter days. This is a great one. Set up was easy and it provides challenging exercise with a variety of work out options. Interfacing with Livetrack just makes it a more worthwhile value. I'm certainly not disappointed and recommend this bike!

Chris (Kenosha, WI)


Easy assembly

I just put my LS5.0U together and I am very happy with the overall quality. Not only were patched screws and proper lock washers included , they all threaded in easily. I also like the blister pack with the hardware which you could tear back with each step. I couldn't wait to get on the bike after about 45 minutes of assembly. It was smooth and it was easy to figure out the console. I like that it has an 1/8 " jack for an MP3 player and the overall ride was smooth! I had a life cycle 1000 before this and I would rate this 5.0 U higher.

Dan (Nova, VA)


Almost perfect!!! Club level quality.

If you've ever ridden a quality club bike with smooth magnetic resistance and wanted something for the home that is similar quality, this is it. Assembly is very easy and the parts are fasteners all shrink wrapped in individual sections, a very nice touch. All required tools are included as well.

The ride is very smooth and seating position is very good. The bike is nearly silent! The bars are non adjustable but almost anyone can probably find a good position. The seat isn't bad, but its proprietary mounting system means a replacement seat isn't in the cards, at least not without fabrication. Resistance changes are made easy with a quick change panel, however each level change does take about 1 second.

My only quips with the bike are the display unit. It does not show cadence. Speed (optimistic) is shown on a secondary display that switches back if you touch the heart rate pads. The primary display mode is pace which to me as an avid cyclist, isn't nearly as useful as cadence. It does show watts which is a nice touch but it makes me want cadence that much more so I could see that rpm I'm most efficient at!

The control unit does redeem itself with the workout/USB function. You can download 4 workouts from livestrong, and when you open them, you can see they are XML files, so if you are handy with a text editor, you can create your own custom workouts!!!

That said, this is an excellent bike, and a tremendous value! I'm hopeful Livestrong/Johnson will provide firmware updates that resolve the metrics issues.




I bought this to help as a recovery tool from arthroscopic knee surgery. I had used an upright cycle in physical therapy and enjoyed it. This bike is better than the one the PT's used and a fraction of the cost. I love the programmable features. Also, it is unbelievably quiet. I have been watching movies and reading on my Kindle while working out without any distractions. I would definitely recommend this bike.




I have been using this bike for the past three weeks. I love it! It was very easy to set up. The work outs are great, the screen is easy to use, and it’s so quiet. I would absolutely recommend this product to others.