LIVESTRONG® LS8.0E Elliptical Reviews

LIVESTRONG® LS8.0E Elliptical
34 reviews

Chip (Blountsville, AL)


Great product for us

We've had our LS8.0 for about three months now. I put white lithium everywhere I could figure needed it when I assembled. I didn't have help putting it together and found it simple enough. Everything is well marked, left and right side, etc. I agree one part is heavy, but it wasn't heavy enough to stop a stubborn me.

The quality is excellent. When I found it for $100 off the website vs. Amazon, I knew I could afford the one we wanted. It had the bigger cycle size, fits nicely parallel to the wall, and is a wonderful piece for us.

If you have heard that the shipping company is a nightmare, you heard right. We had paperwork in our hands that showed it to be delivered into the home, and yet the deliveryman left it on the deck. We knew, and he knew that we had huge storms coming, and yet my wife was unable to get him to take it the extra 5 feet inside. They suck, and I expressed loudly my complaint. Expect major issues with them. My box was so soggy it was falling apart before I got home to drag pieces in. I was totally pissed.

Besides the delivery issues, where you've read it will make noises, look to see if it is tracking correctly on the lower slides. The one time we had that issue, that resolved it. We have never had another problem, and if those electronics hold up, I believe we could go many years trouble free.

I would buy it again. I hope if you go with this unit, you have the same success.

brent (pittsburgh, PA)



best product within the price range by far.
tested many different brands before purchasing the LS8.0E.
easy assembly.
did develop a small noise after 2 weeks but does not seem to hinder performance.

Ammie (Atlanta, GA)


Love it

I've had this elliptical for about a month. I absolutely love it. Especially the quietness, the speakers and the different programs. The only thing that is confusing or inaccurate is the calories burned. It seems extremely low to me.

Taylor (Dallas, TX)



The elliptical is decent. It does have a knocking issue that I haven't been able to solve yet, but I'm pretty confident it can be fixed with some effort. The speakers work well. The cup holder is in the wrong spot (the arms keep getting in the way as you try to sip your water). The programs are diverse.

sclin (Las Vegas, NV)


No Regrets!!

We purchased our LS8.0E Elliptical as a replacement for an elliptical that we rode into the ground! Needless to say we needed a product that could stand up to our size and weight along with the usage. I am 5ft 10, 158lbs and my husband is 6ft 5, 240 lbs. Between the two of us the machine gets used for 30 - 40 minutes each session 6 or 7 days a week. We did a lot of research online and went to a few different stores to test ride several different models before deciding on this manufacturer and this machine.

PROS - It was easy to put together. My husband did the heavy lifting and lugged the thing upstairs and then I put it together by myself. The tools supplied were adequate and the instructions were easy to follow. I was in no rush during assembly and I had it up and running in about 2 1/2 hours. Other than the con listed below the machine has been super quiet. When someone is on it you can not hear it in any other room in the house. My husband and I had maxed out the old machine and had no idea how easy that machine was in comparison to this one. This elliptical gives you a workout!!! The range of tension and the ability to create an incline gives us both a challenging workout.

CONS - We have encountered a few noises here and there, however the customer service dept has been FANTASTIC in addressing any issues.

Kathrynb (Provo, UT)


Great product!

This elliptical was easy to put together and is very sturdy. It feels great and works smoothly. It doesn't feel cheap but was a great price.



Good Machine

Very good machine, very easy to assemble, easy to use, great workout, wish the calorie counter was in actual numbers (way off for the exercise) also wish it was not so noisy, and did not need so many repairs. But other than hiccups it is a very good machine.

Diabetic Mechanic


LS8.0E Elliptical Junk

As a diabetic, I need a reliable machine that I can use every day without impact injuries. An elliptical is the way to go. When this machine is working, it fits the bill. However, this machine is so poorly made that I have to repair it constantly. Chinese made parts wear very quicky and have to be replaced. You know they need replacing when the machines banging noises are louder then the workout music !! At 175lbs, I'm far from its max load limit and yet this unit can't handle 40 min. workouts. I am constantly repairing frozen joints and worn bolts.All the bolt heads are allen key which eaisly strip when they need to be removed. This is poorly designed and poorly made. Don't waste your money.

Happy Customer


Great Value

I purchased this a few months back and I absolutely love it. I don't have the time to go to the gym and this was the perfect alternative. Even with my crackling knees, this provides a smooth and quiet workout. I have a busy schedule so 30 mins a day 4 to 5 days a week, along with a mostly healthy diet, I am still getting great results. It is a bit bulky so we opened the package and carried it upstairs piece by piece, but assembly was otherwise easy. It lacks some of the bells and whistles of the other more expensive models, but this model has all that is necessary and is just as good as the machines at the gym.

I highly recommend this product, but I do warn those purchasing it, the freight company that delivered it tried to get an additional "storage fee" from us, claiming they had to hold the item because it was undeliverable. Don't fall for it, we replied to them and Livestrong that we received it on the expected delivery date and that was the end of that.



elliptical review

This elliptical had very good instructions for assembly!
Was able to assemble without problems.
Quiet, smooth, and stable.
So far so good!



Life Changing

My wife and I purchased ours last July (2011) and I was concerned that it would end up collecting dust like most exercise equipment tends to do. My fears were unfounded. To date, my wife has lost 50 lbs and I have lost 16 lbs, and the greatest part is that no pills or fad diets were involved, just common sense and exercise. Our lives have truly changed and it all started with the purchase of this elliptical.

We looked at and researched a number of ellipticals before purchasing the LS8.0E. This is, without question, the most well built machine in this price range. The stride is smooth and does not bother my knees, which have troubled me since high school. I am 6' tall and (now) weigh 215 lbs and the thing doesn't have a single squeak after approximately 7 months of (almost) daily use.

It's not just the equipment, we had to make our minds up to change our lives for the better, but I'm not sure that we would have stuck with it if we had purchased any other piece of exercise equipment. Hats off to LiveStrong and Johnson Health Tech for producing a quality product and actually making it affordable.



Great workwout

I ordered this machine after reading lots of reviews. I have to agree, this is a great solid machine. I used to own a $600 Proform elliptical machine. This blows it away on quality and comfort, less noise and I dont have to keep tightening the bolts and screws, like I did on the Proform. For the price, I would be real surprised if anyone could find a better elliptical.
The Elliptical arrived 5 days after I ordered it. It comes well packaged. It took me about an hour and 45min. to put together. Comes with all the tools you need in the box. Its really pretty easy to put together.
Ive used many elliptical machines at the gym, you know the high dollar industrial ones. I can honestly say I get just as good of a workout on this as I do on the gym machines. And this feels just as solid as those high dollar machines.
Im very happy I made this purchase! Plus I dont pay for a gym membership anymore.



Love it

I am so happy with my elliptical machine. It is easy to use and built so well. I have used it almost every day since I received it about 3 weeks ago and have had no problems with it. Love that I can plug my ipod into it and can't believe how strong the fan is on it. You can adjust the different levels on it very easily. Would recommend it to everyone.



Great machine

I'm thrilled with this product. The way it was shipped was incredible. All the tools required were included and all the parts were packaged together in numbered sections. The machine itself is great. Very sturdy and well designed. I love this elliptical. Love it!



Livestrong 8.0 experience has been great

We are very pleased with the product and experience. We tested many ellipticals before settling on this for the family. Set-Up was a breeze. There are about 10 steps and each one had the parts for each step seperated which made it easy to assemble. Figure two people 1-2 hours.

We have had it for two weeks and everyone is pleased. The fan is pretty good-three levels. The I-Pod hook up is nice and sound is good. The heavier wheel(23 lbs. compared to others at 15 lbs.) on the front makes a difference compared to other units with the wheel in the back. It is sturdy and does not wobble like others we tried. I use it at about 5-6 mph which is a good workout and for those who want it harder you can lift the incline lever as well. My wife and kids have used it every day and it challanges them as well. Very pleased so far



Right one

My husband and I looked and compared various elliptical machines and we decided to go with Livestrong. I am so glad that we did, I put it together myself and it wasn't hard to do. It is easy to use and it is getting used by the entire family. I am also glad that some money is contributed to the Livestrong charity.



Straight forward assembly. Fast shipment.
Ran three miles first night what a work out.



Best Value for an Elliptical

The elliptical arrived with a few missing parts, I believe it was the fault of the freight company rather than the manufacturer. Anyhow, the parts were very quickly sent out to my home so there was very little "downtime."

I tried the elliptical after I put it together, and for the money you really can't beat it. I would like to see how durable this machine is, but only time will tell. So far, so good, and the customer service is the best part about this machine. The customer service representatives respond very quickly and are super friendly. Thanks.



Feeling spoiled

So I don't like to exersise AT ALL but I know I need to. So I bought the 8E and I feel very spoiled compared to what I had before. My sisters boyfriend put it together for me and it took him maybe an hour or so. This machine is smooth, sturdy and very quiet. I did my homework when looking for a new machine. I was looking for the cost, how long it took to put together, quite, smooth, can move around easily. This had it all. Very Very happy I went with this one. Im one happy customer.



Outstanding Value For Investment

Very pleased with LS8.0E. Outstanding product and very responsive customer support.



Outstanding Purchase, Value, and Design

Sturdy equipment, easy to set up, works extremely well - as designed, very reasonable price for the quality that you get.

My wife loves this equipment. She is really impressed with the ease of use & the fan hits the spot.

Best fitness equipment buy yet.




I have had the LS8.0E for three weeks now and find it excellent. I have used a lot of different fitness machines including elliptical(s) over the years at fitness facilities and find the "Livestrong" to be exceptionally well made - sturdy, smooth and just feels nice when using it. I am recommending it to my family - free demos of course and mention it to my friends. This is an excellent piece of fitness equipment - I look forward to using it for a very long time.



A well-researched purchase

Being interested in a home elliptical machine, my wife and i set out to inform ourselves of the range of machines offered. Rejecting expensive machines with lots of bells and whistles on them, we settled upon the goal of a well-built but less complicated machine. At the retailer, we tried out multiple brands and models, and it became clear that the Livestrong line is well-designed and solid. Getting it home, it was manageable to assemble ourselves. The instructions are well-written. I am enjoying the range of workouts available and working the muscle groups emphasized by different inclines. I also like contributing to cancer research with this purchase.



A Really Nice Elliptical

I just purchased the LS8.0. It was easy for me ( one senior gentleman) to assemble by myself.

I have been using it for just a few days now, and my wife and I love it. My 15 yo grandson loves it also.

We can't believe how sturdy and quiet it is.
I put it on the middle incline level, and it provides a good work-out in a short period of time.

I am coming up on knee replacements, and using this machine will strengthen them both before and after the surgery.

Thank you for a good product.

Tom Hendley,
Etowah, NC.



Quality product? YES!

Assembly is well layed out with parts separated by step. Took about 2 hours of non-continuous assembly!

Product is all that I was hoping for...and more! Very sturdy and quiet. Both my wife and I are impressed with the build quality of the elliptical.

Smooth operation, iPod/iPhone connection, speakers (heasdphone input as well), a fan, varied programs, incline (manual), heart rate monitor...really, what more do you want?

I chose "occasional exerciser" but that is about to change, thanks to this machine.

Want to get in shape/lose weight? Get this. It's that simple.



Great Work-Out!

Assembled this elliptical by myself. Took 3+ hours.
Part of the time was trying to "fish"out a bolt that dropped inside the fly wheel unit. Be careful when you remove the "pre-installed bolts" from the main frame that attach the console mast to the main frame. Actually was fairly easy to assemble. Directions were well written and all the hardware was easily identifiable for each of the 8 steps. So far seems very solid and quiet. Nice work out for this 50+ year old lady!



Best Elliptical

My husband and I checked out a lot of different ellipticals. We found them to be very unstable.

Most of them seemed like junk.

This one seemed the sturdiest in the price range we were looking to spend. It is also very quiet.

It took my husband about 1 1/2 hrs total to put together.

We are both very happy with it. I would recommend this to anyone.



Would recommend

I worked out on elipticals in our fitness center and they were not near the workout that this one is. I was concerned that it would wobble and creak, but that is diffinately not the case. I'm very happy about the sturdiness of the product. The calorie estimating is off I think. For as hard as I have to work on that thing, I know I'm burning more than it projects. Overall it is a very good work out machine.



Sturdy Sturdy Guality

Tested many models before buying this one and none of them was as sturdy and as quiet as this. I'm not a little man and this elliptical handles me like I'm a tiny girl. Provides a great workout. Have had it only 4 weeks and have dropped 14 pounds. My wife has also been using it and she to loves it. Best elliptical in this price range.



Jury is out

When this maching is working as it should, I thoroughly enjoy working out on it. In the 2-3 months I've had it though, I've had multiple problems. The first unit shipped to me was damaged, and had to be replaced. Since, I have had multiple circumstances occur where the elliptical began making loud, knocking sounds when in use. These both required repair appointments. Again, when repaired, and working as it should, I love it. I am starting to wonder however, about it's long-term quality.



Does the job very well!

Impressed with the overall quality and construciton.
Easy to use, the motion is very smooth and quiet.
Provides a good selection of programs.
I woud have liked an option of having the electrical connection at the rear of the machine.
I realize this would entail more wiring to deal with during assembly, and quite frankly is the only quibble I can find about this great unit!



i made the right decision

after researching and shopping for an elliptical machine for more than a month, i kept coming back to the livestrong!



Good Home Elliptical

Provides a challenging workout at home for a decent price



Should have done this sooner!

This is probably the best piece of fitness equipment I've purchased! Very easy to assemble, just glad I opened in the garage and brought it in a piece at a time. Make sure you assemble it where you;re going to use it (200 lb weight).
Been using it for about a month now, lost 10 pounds and feel great.