LIVESTRONG® LS9.9IC Indoor Cycle Reviews

LIVESTRONG® LS9.9IC Indoor Cycle
29 reviews

will (Murray, KY)



I bought the bike about a month ago. I was really excited when it arrived. Now I see it cost $200 dollars less than when I purchase it! I understand why.
The bike is ok. I was disappointed at the quality and design of the product. I thought it would be comparable to the matrix, not even close. Not as many options for adjustments and the computer is cheap. The bracket is poorly designed and the computer has not worked properly since I installed it (no I did not pinch the wires). I can not get an accurate heart rate (anywhere between 60 and 240). I have taped the connection with electrical tape because my sweat would cause it to quit working altogether. My wife, a newbe, is also riding it but is not thrilled with it either. It is quite, that is the biggest plus. It might have been a better deal at the new price.

Greenwind (Montreal, VT)


Bike is good, fit + electronic are so so

The bike is solid, but you will not be able to replicate a road bike fit unless you are tall because the handlebars lowest set point is too high. Nonetheless you will get a good training on this bike. I saw a similar model with drop bars just like on road bike, again the andle barrs are too high to replicate a road bars. To have a good fit you should be able to level the top of the handle bar with the seat (note for the Livestrong engineer!!).

The electronic cables connections are not that great, mine is brand new and because of the location the cable makes a sharp U shape and the connector has a hard time staying connected. Sometime in the middle of a session, the timer stop, that is frustrating. It seems to be becaue of the cable connectors. At the MSRP of this bike, I would expect a wireless, similar to the ones on road bikes that can be bought for around 100$, maybe 200$ with hart rate monitor.

Bought on sale at 60% off the MSRP and find that at this price it is not a deal but closer to the real value of the bike.

On a positive note, the quiet sound level of this bike is great, you can watch a movie while you spin.

Boyd (Las Vegas, NV)


Short changed

When I decided to buy (LS9.9IC) my main concern was if the bike would be big enough for me. I had read a review stating that it was too small for a person that was 6ft 3 in. I am 6ft. 4 in. Not knowing if maybe this person had an ax to grind and was purposely giving an inaccurate review I decided to make additional inquiries. The first call to the company was answered by a gentleman claiming that he was indeed 6ft 3 in. He stated that it was plenty big enough for him with a couple of settings left over. Still weary of his answer I called back and this time spoke to a woman. After explaining my concerns she said that she would look up the information. When returning she explained that the bike maxed out at 38in. I asked "as in a 38 in. inseam" she answered " yes " So I figured two for two it must be ok since I have a 36 in. Inseam. It was not. I would say the seat needs to be at least two inches higher. I called the company since the base or the seat is removable to see if they could send one with a longer post. I was told that they could not help me and that return fees could be hundreds of dollars. I feel they were purposely deceptive and were only trying to make a sale. I am of average build, not long of short waist-ed. So if you are much over 6 ft. I would exercise caution when buying this bike. Other than that the bike seems to be of good quality.

Martin (Weed, CA)


Excellent Spin Bike

My wife and I purchased the LS9.9IC after extensive research this past winter to stay in shape for the cycling season. It has surpassed our expectations in all ways. The construction is excellent, maintenance is simple, it's quiet and smooth to ride, and easy to adjust. It was also simple to put together out of the crate.

We feel confident pushing ourselves on this bike during our home spin workouts as it delivers a solid ride and doesn't vibrate or sway, and is quite comfortable with it's handlebar layout and saddle. I'm 6'2 and my wife is 5'4 and we are both at ease on this machine. The computer is accurate and a nice touch for a bike of this price. We swapped out the clip pedals for clipless and we feel as comfortable as on our road bikes

We can't recommend LS9.9IC highly enough and are glad we bought it.

cstack80 (Benton, AR)



Got my bike really fast. Only took about 30 minutes to setup. Super quiet, unbelievably quiet. I bought the bike for my 14 yr old son (primarily) he does 8-10km a day and has lost 40 pounds. Bike is pretty comfortable, computer is pretty small but I or he doesn't pay much attention to it except at the end of a ride. Very well made, strong and extremely sturdy, this is our first indoor bike. I did a lot of research, by far More than I expected.


Capt America (Alexandria, VA)


Solid, Well Made, but...

A solid, well made cycle that can handle an aggressive riding large man (240 lbs). It arrived sooner than expected, and for the most part, it was quick and easy to assemble. What is somewhat unsettling were the few corners cut that left me wondering why they would nickel/dime me on a fairly expensive consumer item. For example, the pedals, and display feel cheap and flimsy. The display mounting hardware was not designed for the handle bars (much too small) and the poorly edited (translated?) instruction manual had instructions for an entirely different display mounting scheme.

Overall, I am happy with the cycle.

bbearlee (Jacksonville, AR)


Bet you CAN'T hear me now!!!

I knew when I bought this bike that I got a good price, and from the reviews, I trusted a good bike also!!! But boy!!! Is THAT ever an understatement!!! This thing is built like the "Rock of Gibraltar" !!! More QUIET (shhhhhhhh!) than a mouse, and easy to set up from the git go! Everything fits snuggly and stays tight after setup and use! And it's so adjustable, PLUS fast changes of the settings if desired! I don't know if there's a better bike out there, but I'm movin' to Missouri, because your gonna have to "show me!" !!!

folie (Lake Jackson, TX)


High quality bike but only medium sized persons!

High Quality indoor Bike but beware only good for persons < 6ft.

I bought this premium indoor bike fully expecting similar sizing as in the gym. The indoor bike is sturdier, smoother than what we have in the gym but untortunately it is too small. I am 6' 3". I cannot adjust the seat high enough to get fit with my legs.

Disappointing and something I would have expected in the product limitations to be mentioned before buying....

That being said, if you don't need the bike size, good choice.

Paul Hanson (Sheboygan Falls, WI)


Dependable & Solid

After looking at many bikes I choose this one because of how it's built. The price was a good deal but sometimes we have to choose a product because of its reputation. Besides supporting a worthy cause & a product made in the USA was worth it. I have had the bike for almost 2 months and loved it when I got it and I am sure I will love it years from now,

Glenn Szabo (Sanford, NC)


Great product, poor shipping

Product is as advertised, works well, solid and quiet, I have been using it regularly for months now and like it greatly.

Cycling in Connecticut (Fairfield, CT)


Excellent product

We have had this for several months and my husband and I use it when weather or darkness prevents us from going outside. He has shifted from runner to cyclist over the past year, but I jog or walk outside and only cycle inside. Both of us feel we get a great workout on this. It is very easy to adjust the seat and tension and pretty easy to put together. BE CAREFUL, my husband did not put it together in the right order and he sliced the wire--although he was able to repair it -- LEARN from our MISTAKE! Anyway, we have owned exercise bikes in the past, but this is much quieter and we SWEAT--otherwise my husband wouldn't consider it a workout. Our sons have also used it a few times when they couldn't get to the gym. We all love it!

Tammy (Edgewater, FL)


Indoor cycle

Love the bike Only complaint is. Heart rate monitor is terrible..useless unless stop pedaling pane barely touch the heart rate pad forever to get a reading.. Customer support said to lightly touch it. Which makes it almost a waste. The rest of it works fine. Seat could be better.

Joe F. (East Alton, IL)



I have not ridden a lot of spinner bikes but the ones I have ridden, do not compare to the Livestrong LS9.9IC. I ride everything from antique high wheel bikes to full carbon road bikes and in the off season I ride the LS9.9IC. I have read most of the reviews before and after I purchased mine and for the money I think I made a great choice. The only thing lacking in this model is electronics and you will not find electronics on any bike of this quality in this price range. If you have the desire to stay in shape then you don't need a computer to tell you what to do. I strap on a heart rate monitor and climb on. This bike will take you any place you want to go. Simply my own personal opinion but I wouldn't trade mine for anything else.

rugger (pownal, ME)


this is a very high quality unit, but I am returning it, as it is not really recumbent but more upright, and found it difficult on my back even with the flex back, I found myself trying to push back with no luck if there were a way to adjust the back angle it would be perfect



The best ride!

This bike is the best quality for the money. It's extremely easy to assemble and store. The DVD that comes with it is great. The best part of owning your own cycling bike is that you don't have to leave your home and you're done in 30 minutes. I would recommend this cycle to everyone. It's an incredible workout and it's addicting.



Very solid purchase

My wife and I decided on this spinning cycle after seeing/trying a demo model at Dick's Sporting Goods in NY. We immediately recognized and appreciated the LIVESTRONG theme, and it felt very solid and smooth when we tested it in the store. We decided we would purchase it for our home - had to go through the website ( to buy it as there were no local dealers who carried it out near the Bay Area.

I ordered the bike, and it was delivered shortly thereafter. Assembly was a little tricky (be patient and follow the directions thoroughly), but the finished ride-ready product is well worth it.

There is only one small issue I have with the bike: it needs an iPod holder!

Thanks for making a great product. We're very pleased with our purchase.



Great Indoor Bike

Very sturdy and easy to assemble. Arrived quickly. Only complaint is that handle bars are a little shaky. Overall great buy and will be perfect for winter weather.



Worth Every Penny

Performs awesome. I should never have bought that cheap indoor bike last year. What a waste. Now i can actually get a climbing workout and stay fit in cold or rainy weather. I don't usually like training or fitness videos but the layout and style of this one definitely keeps me motivated. A welcome surprise. Shipping was awkward since their is no way to track it's progress online, but it did arrive on time and i found it surprisingly easy to put together.



good value

Goofd quality. Setup/assembly went easily. Operation is good. The tightening knobs loosen somewhat in use but I"m sure that because I"m pounding the gears so hard (lol).

Would certainly recommend. We went out and bought a tlivestrong trend mill as well.

Similar features in other spininng bike are sevarl hunded dollars more.



Love it

I purchased my bike about a month ago. I have wanted a spin bike for about a year but didn't feel I could afford one. I finally decided to just do it . I live alone and although it says it requires two people to put together I did it by myself with no problems. I ride at least two days a week with other activities the other days. I would have given it 5 stars but the seat is a bit uncomfortable. They could have splurged for a better seat. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a spin bike.



Exceptional Quality

Great piece of equipment! The noise level is far below those that I've used at gym in the past. It was easy to assemble, the quality is very good, right down to the paint finish. Its a very sharp looking piece of equipment



Problem with seat

Seat is not sturdy, bolts are torqued, seat falls!



Terrific Investment

One of the better investments I have made, not only for me, but my family. I have been a SPIN instructor so I have worked out with many stationary/SPIN bikes over the years. The Livestrong Cycle is one, if not the best, out there on the market.

Extremely sturdy, great look and allows me to keep up with RPM, calorie burn, time, etc. My wife is not a cyclist at all and now I have her training on this as well.

Would highly recommend from an avid cyclist, former SPIN instructor and family man that now has my wife and kids working out with it.



The Real Deal

This thing Rocks and is built like a tank.
40lb flywheel, direct drive (no coasting), micro adjust resistance, and easy infinite adjustability from Handle bars to seat height and placement make it compatible for your whole family.
The pedaling action is very smooth. The bike is excellent from the seated position but dial up the resistance and you can stamp the Pedals out of the saddle just as if you were climbing a famous Mountain in Europe.
I have spent the last 5 years using my Road Bike and a Fluid Resistance trainer during the winter months. I only wish I would have found something like this sooner. Even my 11 year old rides it to help him with his Soccer Training.
A great purchase at a great price
Highly recommended



Great winter workout

Stopped by a buddies house last night to practice music for an upcoming gig, but I couldn't stay off his Livestrong bike! It's the closest thing to a real-bike experience I've encountered! Smooth, steady, and just fun to ride. Adjusts to ANY size rider! Cool Beans!



High Quality Product and a great cause

I've been riding road bike for about 4 years, but I really do hate riding in the cold weather. I'm not a pro, nor do I compete other than my nightly group rides. However, I do love to ride for the fitness, and the way it makes my body feel afterward.

This bike is the perfect equipment for me, as it keeps track of distance, calories, and cadence. In addition, the quality with which this bike is manufactured is exceptional at any price.

It's very easy to assemble, and you know what? It looks great in my house!!

I would easily recommend this to riders of all skills and types. I'm 6'2", and it's perfect for me and my 5'3" wife.



terrific bike

I replaced a very old LifeCycle that I had beaten to death with the LiveStrong trainer. The bike is great; easy to use, easy set up, good instructions. The bike is stealthy silent (i.e., doesnt wake up my kids when I'm pedalling). I wish it had a larger platform to hold a book or a laptop computer and easy integration with training software.



Great Product

The box arrived open, but that was the delivery peeps for sure. It took 45 minutes to unbox and set up, very easy... The seat and bars adjust many different ways to allow a fit for everyone, very cool.
I road 58 minutes today for the first time and loved this product.
The computer is simple, but perfect. It shows RPM and heart rate all the time and can switch from time, distance and calories burned. I counted my cadence against the computer and it was right on the money.
It is a bit pricey as far as spinners go, but I would buy it again knowing what I know now.



Glad I bought it!

After several months of riding a livestrong spin bike at my gym, I decided I wanted one for home so I can ride whenever I wanted to. So, I finally bit the bullet and purchased it after doing alot of research on others as well.
I had it delivered and assembled, however, I noticed the computer wasn't operating properly. I contacted tech support and a very helpful lady assisted me. She had a new part shipped to my home and a technician contacted me to replace it...all within a week! I have to say I am glad I spent the $$$ for this bike and their customer service and support staff, is really exceptional so far. I have officially cancelled my gym membership downloaded a cyling podcast and am riding happy!!!