LIVESTRONG® LS15.0E Elliptical

High-tech design. Low-impact workout.

  • 7" HD touchscreen display
  • Heavy-duty, 30-pound flywheel
  • MaxTone™ gel pedal cushioning
  • SixStar Certified™ frame for a smooth, natural motion
Sold only in Canada

Key Features

Features you need for heavy-duty training

  • Heavy, 30-lb. flywheel delivers smooth motion
  • MaxTone™ gel pedals are arched for constant support
  • Free wireless Polar® HR monitor for precise training
  • ERGOfit™ control grips for on-the-fly intensity changes

Tracking your progress is a touch easier

  • Extra-wide, 7" HD touchscreen offers lightning-fast adjustments
  • Intuitive console interface enables customized feedback
  • Integrated fitness journal provides a recap of your workouts
  • Energy Saver™ feature reduces draw to lower electric usage

Extra features for a more enjoyable workout

  • Storage for water bottle and MP3 player, tablet or smartphone
  • Multi-grip handlebars offer a range of comfortable options
  • Removable upper arms for a simplified workout option

Funding the fight.

Each purchase of the LS15.0E ensures that a minimum of $4M will go to the LIVESTRONG® Foundation to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

Key Specifications

Frame Type SixStar Certified™ frame
Flywheel Weight 13 kg / 30 lbs.
Incline Type Power
Incline Range 0% - 100% (increments of 5%)
Stride Length 51 cm / 20"
Resistance Range 20 levels
Step On Height 28 cm / 11"
Pedal Type MaxTone™ gel pedals
Display Type 17.8 cm / 7” HD touchscreen LCD
Programs 8
Workouts Manual, Fat Burn, Fitness Test, Target Heart Rate, Constant Watts, Training Workouts (Rolling Hills, Intervals, Glute Training)
Workout Tracking Livetrack™ fitness journal
Heart Rate ERGOfit™ contact grips with toggles and wireless receiver, free Polar® chest strap included
One-Button Quick Start Yes
Quick Incline Keys Yes
Quick Resistance Keys Yes
Speakers Sonic Surround™ speakers with MP3/iPod® compatibility
Personal Fan Adjustable COOLfit™ fitness fan
Energy Saver™ Yes
Max User Weight 159 kg / 350 lbs.
Assembled Dimensions
(L x W x H)
191 x 79 x 159 cm / 75" x 31" x 63"
Assembled Weight 101 kg / 222 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
126 x 53 x 77 cm / 50" x 22" x 31"
Shipping Weight 113 kg / 249 lbs.
Warranty - Frame Lifetime
Warranty - Parts 5 Years
Warranty - Labor 2 Years

LIVESTRONG® Premium Warranty

Superior protection so you can purchase with confidence. LIVESTRONG Fitness offers best-in-class components and labor warranties for complete peace of mind.

Max User Weight 350lbs (159kg)
Frame Lifetime
Parts 5 Years
Labor 2 Years

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4 out of 5

9 of 15 found this review helpful.

Very Solid Unit

Submitted by Mark (Kitchener Ontario Canada, AL) on Dec, 2013

I have been looking at getting an elliptical for a little while now. After quitting smoking 3 years ago and having 2 children I have since packed on some extra weight. I have looked at many units and many reviews. I found many very positive reviews for this specific model as more budget cheaper models have far worse reviews. I ended up buying this unit without even seeing one setup. Wow is this thing big and heavy, The unit was packaged very well and everything was safe and secure when I opened up the box. The way the hardware is layed out is perfect. Separating the hardware for each step is such a small thing but makes things so much easier. The smaller allen key is almost too long as it slipped on me a couple of times so I just used one of my own which was much easier. Instructions were pretty good. I found one issue with the instructions and that was with step 6. There were 4 plastic washers that were in the hardware for that step but there was no mention of them or where they went. Even though it is pretty common sense where they are to be installed this could use to be fixed. Everything being pre lubed is great. I found and extra bolt laying inside the center mast where the cables run. I am guessing when they pre installed the 4 bolts on the mast that 1 fell in and they never got it out. I thought this might cause some damage and or make some noise so I removed it. Luckly I have a really long pair of needle nose pliers that I could reach it with. I would expect to see this on some cheap equipment but not on this unit. Rest of install was a breeze. Plugged unit in and made sure screen worked. No issues. Instruction book does not go into too much detail about each function but it was very easy to follow. I see another review that someone could not set time and date. This was very easily done by pushing and holding the up and down buttons on the right lower hand grip for 5 seconds. Then menu pops up on screen. Setting up a user was very easy also. I took this unit for only a 10 minute test drive just to see if there were any issues and noises and so far there are none. I cant get over how big this unit is. Once I will start using it I hope my happiness for this product continues.

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5 out of 5

15 of 22 found this review helpful.

So happy!

Submitted by happyrunner (Charleston, SC) on Jun, 2013

My husband and I purchased the LS15.0E with some caution after reading the few negative reviews. However, we have loved this machine. It is well build, sturdy and smooth. All parts work as they should. We read negative comments about the speaker system which is actually quite loud and projects clearly. I agree that the fan could be stronger, but I am actually too short (5'1") to be in the direct line of the fan even when it is tilted in the downward position. Some of the best features are the fitness tests, the workout tracking, and the book rack which holds even large novels in place well. This elliptical machine provides a great workout and is everything we were looking for and more.

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4 out of 5

3 of 13 found this review helpful.

Nice Machine...

Submitted by B-Rad (DISPUTANTA, VA) on Jun, 2013

I love this machine. I've had it for a few weeks now and it gives a solid and smooth workout.

At the moment my elliptical is down because there is a crack in one of the welded parts. I am confident that Livestrong will provide me with a quick replacement part so that I will be able to get back to my workout routine.

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5 out of 5

19 of 26 found this review helpful.

Great Machine

Submitted by tee (watertown, NY) on Feb, 2013

I love the smoothness of this machine, not to mention how quiet it is and the ease of being able to get on and off without an issues. I bought an EPIC A35E before sending it back and getting the LS15.0E. I should have bought this one first, the reason I decided to go with this product is because I own one of the upright bikes by live strong after having total knee replacement. It was a great product never had an issue with it but as I started to heal I knew I wanted an elliptical machine not to mention a top of the line product. I am very happy with it, and even my husband who vows to never get on an elliptical finds it to be a great work out for him and he is a 260lb man. Great machine well-built quality, which will last. I totally recommend not only this product but any of their products due to my success with them.

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4 out of 5

14 of 24 found this review helpful.

Robust & Smooth

Submitted by Hilldweller (Hog Waller, GA) on Jan, 2013

I've been working out for over 30 years and play hard. I'm tall and solid and put a pounding on my fitness equipment.
The LS15.0E is robust enough to handle my size and weight and swaps settings fast and easily to my my wife's much more compact size.
The touchscreen and MP3 player are icing ---- I've never had home equipment with this sort of fru-fru but it's nice.

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3 out of 5

54 of 83 found this review helpful.

Extra features not usefull

Submitted by frunobulax (New Port Richey, FL) on Dec, 2012

Graphical User Interface very weak. Cool down and fan contol icons too close. Unable to figure out
how to set date/time from manual. Polar heart rate receiver is extremly inaccurate/useless (factor of 2).
Number selections for quick settings for incline and resistance are virtually invisible without bright
light (bad color choices). Tall folks with high center of gravity make this whole unit rock back and forth
on a floor with padded carpet. Documentation seriously lacking.

The basic function of the unit is smooth and comfortable and gives you a decent workout. The added features
are not worth the extra money. (heart monitor , GUI )

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2 out of 5

16 of 19 found this review helpful.

Always broken, waste of money

Submitted by adam78 (Gilbert, AZ) on Aug, 2013

We have owned this for around 6 months now and during the first 3 months, we experienced the loud metal banging sound everyone keeps referencing in their reviews. Well, it took Livestrong almost 2 months to get this fixed. They would ship parts (which would take roughly 2 weeks), then I would call the repair company to let them know the parts had arrived, they would tell me they could come out in a week usually, they would get to my house and tell me the parts are the wrong ones, so I had to repeat this process 3 times before they sent the right parts and this issue was "fixed". The loud clanking sound is back, but not as bad as before. However, we can't use the machine because now the wiring inside the console is falling apart and the console isn't registering that we're using the machine, powering it down after 3 minutes of "inactivity"... I'm starting to think 2 years in-home labor isn't going to be enough. We will never be purchasing a Livestrong product again, and I highly recommend going with a different manufacturer if you are looking for an elliptical in this price range. These issues are what I'd expect out of a sub-$1k machine, not a $1500 machine. This machine has been the biggest waste of money I've ever experienced. I have $1500 invested in exercise equipment I can't even use.

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LIVESTRONG® by Johnson responded to this review view

We are so sorry for the problems you have experienced and thank you for reaching out to us. Following our conversation we are shipping out an entire new unit that you should be receiving shortly. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or issues in the future.

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2 out of 5

13 of 17 found this review helpful.


Submitted by Jeff (Syracuse, UT) on Apr, 2013

This machine has ended up being an unexpected disappointment. I purchased the model after using the same equipment for a short demo. Once I received the machine I ordered I instantly encountered an issue with mechanical failures.

The moving parts were producing a loud rhythmic clunk that could not be corrected by any adjustments.

I called the customer service number and logged a ticket for support. It took 2 weeks to get the parts they sent. When the on site repairman made it to install the parts they didn't fix the problem. I had to call back a second time and have additional replacement parts delivered, and once again when the repairs were completed the problem was not corrected. I am now waiting on a third delivery of parts to get this corrected. I have had this machine well over 60 days and it has never been available for normal use.

The quality of this equipment does not live up to advertised statements.

Verified Buyer

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LIVESTRONG® by Johnson responded to this review view

We are so sorry for the problems you experienced and thank you for letting us know. Per our last conversation and on-site visit, your machine was repaired and we extended your warranty an additional 2 months to make up for the repair downtime. We hope you are now enjoying the use of your machine. Please reach out with any further questions and we appreciate your business.

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