LIVESTRONG® LS6.0R Recumbent Bike

It takes a back seat to no one.

  • Step-through recumbent frame provides easy access
  • Contoured mesh seat offers lumbar support and QuickZip Pedals make it easy to get started on your workout
  • Intuitive console includes 10 programs and iPod® ready speakers
  • The EnergySaver function puts the product in "sleep mode" when not in use to minimize energy consumption

Key Features

Supporting the cause

The benefits of this machine don’t end once you reach your fitness goals. Each purchase of the LS6.0R ensures that we will donate a minimum of $4 million to the LIVESTRONG® Foundation to support the 28 million people living with cancer today.

Ultimate comfort with an upgraded seat

The LS6.0R features a convenient, step-thru recumbent frame design that’s easily accessible to all users. Once you’re seated, the contoured mesh seat back offers greater lumbar support while keeping you cool. QuickZip™ pedals make it fast and easy to get started on your workout. A 8.8-lb flywheel delivers a smooth, fluid motion, while our exclusive FreeSpin™ technology allows you to coast comfortably when you stop pedaling and eliminates sudden, jarring stops.

Equipped with Livetrack Interactive™ technology

This exclusive-to- LIVESTRONG feature works like this: Before you begin your workout, simply insert any USB device into the console. Complete your workout and when you’re finished, transfer the USB to your computer. Within seconds you’ll be able to track your workout history on the MyPlate feature of LIVESTRONG.COM. Here you can also download exclusive new, FREE workout programs designed by Peter Park, strength and conditioning coach.

More resistance options for workout variety

With 20 levels of magnetic brake resistance, you can find the intensity that’s right for you, whatever your starting fitness level may be. For added variety and workout enjoyment, 11 preprogrammed workouts provide new challenges and help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Extra features to keep you going

Track your workout progress with the bright LCD display and two additional LED windows for quick and easy-to-read feedback. Stay motivated throughout every stage of your workout with the built-in speaker system that lets you play your favorite playlists from any iPod or MP3 device.

Best-in-class warranty protection

We guarantee the durability and quality of this machine with a 10-year frame and brake warranty; we offer 1 year on parts and unlimited in-home repairs.

Expert Review

“We built the LIVESTRONG® LS6.0R with a greater focus on comfort and motivating features to make it easier, and more fun, for you to reach your fitness goals. The LS6.0R features a new mesh seat back that allows the body to breath during more intense workouts, while flexing as you ride to eliminate uncomfortable seat friction on your back. We also added an MP3-compatible speaker system, and incorporated our exclusive Livetrack Interactive technology that allows you to log every workout on LIVESTRONG.COM. This feature also gives you access you to great new workouts from Peter Park, strength and conditioning coach, as well as daily food tracking through the site’s easy-to-use MyPlate application.”

- Bob Najduk, Product Manager

Key Specifications

Frame Type Recumbent
Flywheel Weight 4 kg / 8.8 lbs.
Seat Type Padded seat with mesh back for lumbar support
Pedal Type QuikZip™ pedal straps
Resistance Range 20 levels
Display Type Backlit LCD and 2 LED feedback windows
Programs 10
Workouts Manual, Weight Loss, Muscle Toner, The Tour, Constant Watts, Mellow Johnny's Trail, Climb, Descent, Max Cardio, Custom
Workout Tracking Livetrack Interactive™ technology
Heart Rate Contact grips
Speakers Sonic Surround™ speakers with MP3 / iPod® compatibility
USB Port Yes
Max User Weight 126 kg / 300 lbs.
Assembled Dimensions
(L x W x H)
163 x 66 x 117 cm / 64" x 26" x 46"
Assembled Weight 55 kg / 121 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
163 x 28 x 71 cm / 66" x 11" x 28"
Shipping Weight 60 kg / 132 lbs.
Warranty - Frame 10 Years
Warranty - Parts 1 Year
Warranty - Labor 1 Year

LIVESTRONG® Premium Warranty

Superior protection so you can purchase with confidence. LIVESTRONG Fitness offers best-in-class components and labor warranties for complete peace of mind.

Electronics 1 year
Frame 10 years
Parts 1 year
Labor 1 year
Max User Weight 126 kg / 300 lbs.
Frame 10 Years
Parts 1 Year
Labor 1 Year
1 Year Extended Warranty

1 Year Extended Warranty

Price: $89.99

2 Year Extended Warranty

2 Year Extended Warranty

Price: $119.99

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5 out of 5

19 of 29 found this review helpful.

Greatest Exercise Bike Ever!!

Submitted by dbabb (The Villages, FL) on Jul, 2013

This is a great exercise bike - smooth mechanism, seat back is very comfortable, user friendly operation. Feels like a well-built machine - solid. Would definitely recommend this bike to any home exerciser!!

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4 out of 5

34 of 39 found this review helpful.

Almost Perfect

Submitted by CWilhite (Louisa, KY) on Apr, 2013

I've owned this bike for 6 months. Overall, it's great. I love the programming options and it's very comfortable to use. My only problem so far is the back rest netting. Staples started popping out causing the material to come undone. It's impossible to use the backrest without this netting. Of course you still have the option to use it sitting fully upright but that defeats my purpose of having a recumbent bike, it allows me to cycle even with my back issues. I called the "no sweat protection plan" people and they say they will have someone call within two days to schedule an in home visit to repair the backrest. If it's fixed properly and doesn't happen again then I can say it's worth 5 stars. Overall, I would recommend this bike to anyone, especially if you have back issues that would otherwise pose a challenge to cycling.

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5 out of 5

23 of 31 found this review helpful.


Submitted by Russ (Whitehall, MI) on Feb, 2013

nice ride! settings are easy, so far the seat netting has held up as of this review. would have liked a better place to mount ipod but Velcro is a good work around. Must do miles!!!

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5 out of 5

19 of 31 found this review helpful.

Superb Bike

Submitted by Tony Paterno (Annapolis, MD) on Jan, 2013

2 months of using the LS6.0R exercise bike and enjoying every work out. It's buuilt solid, operates smoothly, and comes with a good varierty of programs. So far my wife and I can't find anything wrong with it!

Verified Buyer

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5 out of 5

17 of 23 found this review helpful.

Solid Bike

Submitted by Mike (Sterling Heights, MI) on Jan, 2013

We received the 6.0 R as a Christmas gift from our kids. I had seen the bike on display at Dicks and really liked how it felt. My wife and I assembled the bike in 90 minutes using only the 2 tools that came with it. The instructions were well written and the predrilled holes all aligned nicely. The bike is very solid and very quiet. I would strongly recommend this bike to anyone looking for a health club quality machine at a fair price.

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4 out of 5

38 of 48 found this review helpful.

Very good, BUT

Submitted by Dr Dan (Gates Mills, OH) on Nov, 2012

Upholstry on the backrest coming un-done.
How to use the computer updates opaque and did not make it work.
No mechanical problems with the drive train.
Overall meets but does not exceed myy goals.

Verified Buyer

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3 out of 5

132 of 229 found this review helpful.

nice option

Submitted by rugger (pownal, ME) on Sep, 2012

wouldn't really call it recumbent, more of a vertical posture. important to me because chemo therapy gave me anal fissures androids, so my bum is very tender regardless, was able to do 45 min workout to keep up strength ahead of upcoming surgery, my wife did most of the assembly, good assembly instructions. I may try to bend seat bracket to get more of a recline posture

Verified Buyer

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4 out of 5

132 of 304 found this review helpful.

Nice machine in general

Submitted by Carolyn on May, 2012

I have had this bike for about 6 months now. It's comfortable and there are more features on it than I really use. The seat slides forward and backward well enough to match my height (5'6") as well my boyfriend's (6'1"). The display works well, but be forewarned- it counts up, not down, so if you are one to see how much time you have left be prepared to do some math!

The other thing I like about it is the built-in speakers. It's handy to be able to plug the music into the machine and fiddle with it there than to have to have a separate system not on the bike and be forced to work through a bad song or stop the workout to change it.

The only real downside to the bike is the size of the seat back. It seams that it's really a "one size fits all" seatback height, which means it's really best for someone bigger than I am. It's not too much of a problem, but can get tiresome during the last minutes of a longer workout. It would be nicer if the seatback height could be adjusted as well as the seat bottom slides.

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4 out of 5

122 of 129 found this review helpful.

Great Bike, Terrible Seat Design

Submitted by nordster (Cedar Falls, IA) on Jul, 2013

I have owned this bike for 2 years now and use it daily. Unfortunately today the back rest broke. The back rest is held in place with metal plates that sandwich the plastic structural element that makes up the back support. The metal plates did their job, however the plastic broke all around the plates. Obviously it had been breaking for some time. The plastic frame was used to allow some flexibility for the back rest. However, as the plastic has aged, it has become brittle. If this part could be re-engineered so that the frame for the mesh remained plastic and the structural member for the back support was made of metal it would probably reduce the possibility of this breaking. So if your backrest starts to become a little too flexible, you may want to check this out.

On the positive side, customer service is sending me out a new seat back for around $150.00. The rest of the bike is perfect.

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3 out of 5

18 of 22 found this review helpful.

knock, knock

Submitted by Jer (Lees Summit, MO) on Dec, 2012

This unit developed a knocking sound inside the enclosed pedal area about two months after we received it. I haven't disassembled it yet to find the problem. It is irritating to spend this much money on something and have to disassemble it less than a year of purchase.
Other than that, I think it has more thoughtful features and a sleek design (recumbent is the way to go on exercise units). The seat is not as comfortable as I had hoped, but it is cooler than a solid back that the other models tested had.

Verified Buyer

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3 out of 5

18 of 29 found this review helpful.

Good Bike - Bad Seat Back

Submitted by Jim (Hudson, NH) on May, 2013

We purchased this bike and the only complaint is that we have had to replace the seat back twice in 6 weeks. The seat back has ripped twice in the same area. The bike itself is great, very quiet and offers challenging exercises to all levels. The speakers and line in were one of the options that moved us to buy this product. The design of the seat back needs to be addressed for this product to get rave reviews.

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